A bright interior adds an element of optimism, joy, and motivation to meet the day with confidence. A log home can be brightened by planning the components that lighten things up, especially on those gray and cold wintry days. Natural and artificial light, plenty of windows, light walls, and natural color floors are favorite ways to make it happen.

A log home should not be dark and dreary, although a few people prefer this over a light interior. For the vast majority of homeowners who want a brighter home, we suggest the following ideas to create both a pleasant and cozy log home experience.

Incorporate Plenty of Insulated Windows

Log Home Whitewash Walls

The number and sizes of insulated windows can provide two benefits at the same time:                             

  • One is letting in more light to brighten the house      
  • The second is allowing the sun to help heat the interior in the winter

Close a few curtains that limit the rays if some days or rooms are too bright.

Log homes with cathedral or vaulted ceilings exhibit more light when extra windows are placed in the gabled ends. Place more windows on the front and rear walls when covered porches or decks are built onto the home. TIP: Don’t let trees and shrubs grow into large sun-blocking plants in front of your windows.

Artificial Lighting Supplements the Sunshine

Log Home Kitchen

There are several ways to use artificial lighting to supplement the sunshine. One is to use track or rail lighting to direct light to certain areas to create interest. Another is placing ceiling lights at the right height such as using uplights at 7 to 9-foot levels in the cathedral or vaulted ceilings to accent rafter and trusses.

You can also showcase walls, artwork, or fireplaces with wall washing or sconce lighting to create a soft and diffused light in select rooms. Diversity your rooms with different light sources such as floor or table lamps or a chandelier to create several layers of light. Check out these additional tips from a log home expert.

Whitewash Some of the Walls

One super brightening idea is installing whitewashed paneling on the walls of a few rooms. You can coat unfinished pine panels yourself, hire it done, or purchase pre-finished whitewashed wood.
It’s fast and easy to install by using tongue and groove, end-matching paneling from leading suppliers.

“A bright interior adds an element of optimism, joy, and motivation to meet the day with confidence.”

Lighten the Floors and Ceilings

A fourth way to brighten up your log home is by using light tones on the floors and ceilings.

  • Finish pine floors with a clear coat for a natural look
  • Whitewash pine floors with a durable coat of finish
  • Finish the ceilings with a clear coat or use light color wood
  • Whitewash ceilings with a durable finish
  • Use light-colored areas or throw rugs.

This option can be applied to one or more rooms throughout the house.

White Curtains and Wall Hangings

Log Home Kitchen Cabinets

When whitewashed walls or ceilings become too light, install white curtains or light-colored wall hangings to do the job. Choose a durable fabric, decide which windows need them, and dust them regularly. White pillowcases are combined with white curtains and a light-toned bedspread in this illustration.

Lighter hue wall hangings come in the forms of tapestries, quilts, artwork, or unique objects. They help lighten up darker walls when placed on them. Flowers and various displays also work, especially when used in conjunction with other forms of brightening rooms.

Limit Front and Back Covered Porches

Large front and back covered porches and decks are great but do limit the amount of light entering a log home. You can increase the amount of sunlight by limiting it to one porch or deck or by making them smaller. If you do want large porches, install skylights to bring in more sun.

Another approach when using covered porches, decks, or patios is adding more windows or larger windows in the walls adjacent to them. Your building contractor will provide more practical ways to improve lighting.

Install Light Colored Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Our last thought is installing lighter-color kitchen and bath cabinets. This can be achieved with:

  • Natural knotty pine
  • White pine wood
  • Clear pine wood
  • Oak wood
  • Maple wood

The larger the cabinets, the more they can help brighten up that kitchen and those bathrooms.

These home brightening ideas are favorites of log homeowners and some will also become favorites of yours.

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