Knotty pine flooring is a beautiful and ageless product as well as a sustainable gift from nature. This flooring wood fits in well with virtually any home or cabin décor. It can be finished with a clear coat product to showcase its natural characteristics or stained to a color of your choice.

The best results are achieved with tongue and groove/end-matching knotty pine instead of old-style plank flooring. It provides these benefits you will appreciate:

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Simple Installation
  • Sustainable

You can find high-quality knotty pine flooring online from trusted dealers. Their products come with warranties that ensure they are hand-inspected and defect-free. This eliminates searching through flooring pieces at DIY stores to find usable ones.

Knotty Pine Flooring Is Affordable

Installing wood flooring in every room of a home or cabin is cost-efficient when using knotty pine. Compared to native hardwoods and imported exotic woods, pine can save 50% to 70%. Labor to install the flooring typically costs less because it is easier to work with and goes down faster.

Affordable wood flooring is significant when you plan to build a large home or are on a limited income. The money saved can be used to balance out a budget or for other ideas in your home. Pine planks are generally ¾” thick and available in these sizes and finishes:

  • 4” widths in unfinished wood
  • 5” widths in unfinished wood
  • 6” widths in unfinished and pre-finished wood

Knotty pine flooring is sold at a standard price of about $3 per square foot. Name-brand DIY stores sell red oak from $5 to $6 per square foot. Compare these two prices for your entire house and the difference is tremendous! Knotty Pine flooring is always in stock from our inventory.

Rustic Knotty Pine FlooringKnotty Pine Flooring Is Beautiful

An enduring quality of knotty pine flooring is its natural beauty. It is a rustic as well as gorgeous product you will enjoy for generations. Homeowners relate they like it because knotty pine:

  • Contains some dark knots that add character to the wood
  • Its grain patterns vary and tend to run the length of each piece
  • Small mineral streaks that are present add interest
  • It can be finished with a clear coat product to enhance natural beauty
  • Lastly, it can be stained a myriad of colors and topped with a clear coat of finish

“Rustic Knotty pine flooring is a beautiful and ageless product as well as a sustainable gift from nature. This flooring wood fits in well with virtually any home or cabin décor.”

Tongue and Groove Flooring Is Durable 

Tongue and groove knotty pine makes a durable flooring material. Although it is a soft wood, it holds up to a lot of foot traffic in any room. When comparing durability to price, knotty pine is a bargain compared to most hardwoods and exotic woods.        

If you decide to stain the wood a different color, you will find it sands easily. Sanding will also remove small imperfections and restore the wood to a like-new condition. As with any type of wood flooring, use door mats inside entry doors for protection and pads under furniture.

Knotty Pine Flooring Is Simple to Install

Tongue and groove flooring with the end-matching design is simple and fast to install. The tongues and grooves on both the sides and ends of each piece fit into each other for a snug fit. You can nail or glue them to the subfloor for a professional job. Layout patterns can run:

  • Parallel to the exterior walls
  • At 90 degrees to the exterior walls
  • In a chevron pattern
  • In a herringbone pattern
  • A unique layout of your own design.

Another key point is choosing the complementary trims and baseboards, for a matching finished look. The best results are obtained by hiring a professional for the work unless you as a homeowner are experienced at laying floors.

High-Quality Pine Flooring Is Sustainable

If you want to incorporate more “going green” into your home or cabin construction, you need to use knotty pine rather than hardwoods. It is sustainable because the wood comes from trees grown on federally-approved tree farms. The trees are replanted once an area is harvested and they grow back relatively fast compared to hardwoods.

Another way you can help save the environment is knowing knotty pine is virtually a “no-waste” product that won’t end up in the landfill. The end pieces you saw off can be used to start the next row. Carefully measure the floor area in each room and order the flooring by the square foot including a little extra.

Knotty pine flooring is a versatile product you can be proud to use and display in your home or cabin. You can order it in an unfinished or pre-finished condition. Add beauty and warmth to the overall décor at affordable prices with this amazing product.

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