Log cabin construction has come a long way during the last few decades. While living in a log cabin home has always been popular for some, log siding has caught up with full log usage and may surpass it during the years ahead. A strong trend today consists of using half log or quarter log siding on the exterior of a cabin and paneling on the interior. Four major types of Great Paneling Wood Options are available to fit your log cabin interior walls and ceiling.

Pine Paneling is Very Popular

Knotty Pine is one of the most popular types of wood paneling for walls in log cabins and home interiors. Installing it on the walls is standard and many homeowners put it on the ceilings as well. Its rustic beauty is hard to overlook no matter where you install it. Pine is used because of:

  • Its natural knots in the wood give it a multicolor appearance.
  • The varied lines and mineral streaks give it character.
  • Pine is more plentiful than many other kinds of wood and is sustainable.
  • Knotty pine takes stain and finishes very well.
  • This wood variety is economical for most any cabin budget.
  • You can’t go wrong with Knotty Pine paneling for log cabins and homes of any size and décor.

Pine paneling has been a standard wallboard for hundreds of years. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can even be creative and layout unique patterns on the walls and ceilings. Let your imagination be your guide.

Barn Wood Applications Are Growing

Barn Wood is one of the more popular types of wood paneling because it’s real wood that both looks old and is old. There are some inherent problems with reclaimed wood and we want to mention them here.

  • Real barn wood is becoming scarcer and is not sustainable
  • It can be expensive to recondition for wall and ceiling use.
  • Old wood can contain toxins, insects, nails, and staples.
  • Barn wood must be ripped to consistent width and cut to length.
  • Some of the wood is not flat and is cupped.
  • There is a solution to these issues and you will like it.

Modern milled Barn Wood is made from Pine and Cedar to look like natural barn wood. It does not have the issues listed above. It does not smell and contains no splinters. This material is processed to look like old wood, complete with a smooth finish or deeply weathered surface.

Cedar is Another Great Option

Cedar is preferred by some homeowners for its unique characteristics. It stands out because:

  • It tends to have two colors derived from the heartwood and sapwood. The heartwood is a reddish-brown hue and the sapwood is lighter and more neutral.
  • Cedar paneling has a special aroma that other woods don’t have.
  • It is naturally resistant to moisture and insects.

Cedar paneling costs a little more than Knotty Pine. You will find it returns benefits that other woods can’t provide.

Cedar paneling is also one of the different types of wood paneling that uses tongue and groove with an end-matching locking system. This type of paneling is typically made from Northern White Cedar. It comes in widths of 4”, 5”, and 6” and is three-quarters of an inch thick.Pre-finished Paneling Goes Up Fast

Prefinished Paneling Goes Up Fast

The work of installing pre-finished paneling is fast and easy because the millwork company does much of the work for you. Their team of finishers sands the wood and applies stain and/or the final clean finish. You can even have them apply an insect repellant in the finishing material.

Leading companies apply the finish to all sides and edges to seal the wood and eliminate any shrink lines. This is easier and faster to do in the millwork’s finishing room than in your home. The technicians do a better job that creates a more durable and non-yellowing satin sheen. Its appearance is glassy smooth. The boards are sanded between the first and second coats to bring out a furniture finish to the paneling.

Pre-finished Knotty Pine paneling typically comes in widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8. Pre-finished Cedar paneling is available in 6” width only. Both kinds of wood are ¾” thick. As the company states, “Nail it up and you’re done.” Just think of the time and mess you will save by letting someone else do the finishing for you!

Tongue and Groove with End-Matching

Order any of these different styles of paneling with tongue and groove sides and ends for easy installation. Since they come in convenient lengths there is virtually no wasted wood. Since the end joints lock together you can connect them between the studs. There is no need to splice the panels and end-butt them together on a stud.Where to Find Great Looking Paneling

Where to Find Great Looking Paneling

Order all types of wood paneling and accessories from the Woodworkers Shoppe. They offer many different types of paneling for walls, and their quality products and excellent customer service has made them America’s leading log siding and log home products specialist.

Great Paneling Wood Options