Awesome Wall Variations for Your Log Home

There are a number of wood wall design ideas to make the interior of your log home look amazing. Use variations on the standard pine, cedar, and barn wood paneling boards. These types of wood paneling designs for walls are great, but you may be surprised to see what a difference it makes by varying the wall coverings from room to room. Get away from drywall and use real wood products and wood paneling design ideas to provide that cozy and rustic look and feel.

Beadboard is a “decorative style of wood paneling with evenly spaced grooves on the surface.” The groove or indentation is known as the “bead.” It’s popular in a number of home styles including log homes, log cabins, and country-style living. It is a sturdy material for walls and ceilings and adds insulation value.


Beadboard panels are typically made from 1”x4” Knotty Pine wood. The traditional way to install them is vertically. You can vary the design by running them horizontally or diagonally. Unique wood paneling patterns can be inserted into the application of the paneling. Use these photos to help determine the way you like beadboard – stained, varnished, or painted.           

These vertical and diagonal wood paneling designs run to the top of the wall or close to the ceiling. Both look great, whether painted or varnished. They are installed with a nail gun by nailing into the side of the boards. The next board hides the nail heads from sight.

Beadboard is a versatile material that is not limited to walls and ceilings. It can be applied to:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen islands
  • The inside o pantries
  • Vanity cabinets
  • Risers on steps

Any of these can give a clean, cottage feel to your home. Use your imagination to think of more wood wall design ideas in your home, basement, or garage.

Awesome Wall Variations for Your Log Home


Wainscoting has been used on walls for at least 600 years in Europe. It came into play in America in the Colonial days. Its original purpose was to protect the lower half of walls and provide some insulation value. It also added a decorative touch to homes. It can be applied as part of walls or on top of wallboards so it stands away an inch or so.

Wainscoting is one of the most classic wall designs with wood because it gives instant personality and style to rooms. It consists of installing the beadboard vertically part-way up the wall. You can cut 8’ boards to 32” to eliminate waste. If you want the boards higher on the wall, cut 6’ beadboard in half to 3’ or 8’ pieces to 4’. The correct height is a matter of your choosing, although 4’ is not as popular as shorter heights. Apply chair rail molding on the top to finish it off.

On the left is an example of vertical boards that are covered with a clear finish. Stains of many different colors can be used to provide a beautiful and classic look. Wainscoting can also be installed diagonally and trimmed with various width boards or molding. Tip: Don’t use top molding that is too wide or thick because it will give it an awkward appearance.

log siding and barn wood paneling at wws

Log Siding

Log siding on the interior walls provides that rustic and classic log home look and feel. It is a great option to beadboard and wainscoting. There are three popular wood paneling designs to grace your walls:

  • Quarter log – the most economical
  • Half log – the most popular
  • Premier log – gives the upscale look

Each varies by width and thickness. Siding is made from Pine and Cedar trees and each wood has its own advantages. Pine is less expensive while cedar is more colorful and aromatic.

Each piece of log siding is made with tongue and groove edges and ends. The boards lock tight on edges and ends to allow splices anywhere between the studs. The joints are secure anywhere you place them. Siding comes in smooth and hand-hewn finishes. Hand-hewn looks like a wood chopper finished the surfaces with an axe.

This is the same log siding that is used on the exterior walls as you can see in this illustration. It can be finished with a clear coat or stained to the color of your choice. Siding is attached to the walls with a nail bun. Because of its construction, there is very little material waste. Labor savings are great because it goes up quickly and easily with a few, simple tools.

Where to Find Eye-Popping Beadboard and Log Siding

Where to Find Eye-Popping Beadboard and Log Siding

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