Millions of Americans have thought about living in a log cabin home at one time or another, while tens of thousands have actually made the move. Why such interest in houses and cabins that are not traditional stick, brick, stucco, or vinyl structures? Pioneers built them because:

  • There were vast forests on the East coast.
  • They were simple structures to build
  • Hardwoods could withstand the elements
  • Building skills could be passed down the generations
  • Log homes are very sturdy structures

If we take a trip down memory lane we discover some original cabins that are still standing.

  • Nothnagle Log House built in 1638 in Virginia
  • Lower Swedish Cabin erected in 1640 in Pennsylvania
  • William Smith House built in 1686 in Pennsylvania
  • Morgan Log House erected in 1702
  • Hyde Log Cabin built in 1783 in Vermont

There are many more that were erected in the late 1700s and 1800s that stand today. All of them were simple structures with a few windows and one, maybe two doors. Before glass windows came into being, the window holes were covered with animal skins or cloth. All of them served their purposes for the pioneers and provided a place for love and child rearing.How We Benefit from Log Homes Today

How We Benefit from Living in a Log Cabin Home

Today, we see a migration from city centers to the suburbs and countryside. Many suburban dwellers are moving further away from the masses, and some are building “off the grid.” There are many potential advantages associated with living in a log cabin home:

  • Live closer to nature and wildlife
  • Go “green” with your lifestyle
  • Save money on home building or purchasing
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Experience a sense of accomplishment
  • Learn new building skills

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits on the list. Living in the city is OK for many, but for others, it’s just plain boring staring out their windows at other people’s houses. The scenery is limited, and many go to a park to find some. Most homeowners who build a log house or cabin locate it near picturesque scenery where nature is abundant. Trees, grass, wildflowers, hills or mountains, lakes, and wildlife are all part of the landscape. Waking up every morning is a pleasant experience you will appreciate.

For those that make the move to log homes, it’s more of a change of lifestyle than a move. They leave less of a carbon footprint in this transition. Building your new home with Pine log siding is a sustainability maneuver because the trees are replanted on tree farms. We are not carelessly depleting natural resources with this type of structure. Building with log siding uses less energy and creates less waste than conventional homes. Going green is a win-win situation for anyone.

Save money by building a log house and enjoy more economic freedom in the process. Escape from some of the rat race by reducing debt for home construction and a mortgage. Land is less expensive out in the country, and you can save even more by doing some of the work yourself. If you downsize to a small house, you can enjoy more freedom and less stress. Log homes are energy efficient by using half logs or premier D-logs and sufficient insulation. Use a wood stove or fireplace insert for burning wood and save even more on energy bills.

Other Advantages You Will Experience

pine paneling can improve the look of your homeEnjoy improved health and well being in a log home every week you’re there. A rustic house exudes a cozy and warm feeling that also fees relaxing and refreshing. Its natural atmosphere soothes the soul, and homeowners look forward to coming home at the end of their workday. Add some peaceful colors and control the humidity level for increased healthful living.

Experience a sense of accomplishment by living in a log cabin home that you helped build. Installing the log siding on the exterior and log siding or paneling in the interior can be accomplished by men and women with simple woodworking skills and tools. You will really know you have “arrived” when you stand back and see the work go from drawings to final completion. You will love telling family, friends, and guests stories of how you helped make it all happen. In the process, you will get exercise and learn new skills.

Where to Buy Your Building Materials

It’s easy to find the log siding and building materials you need for your log home makeover when you visit the WoodWorkers Shoppe in Comins, Michigan, or online. We manufacture the highest quality Pine and Cedar siding available so you can enjoy all the advantages of living in a log cabin home. Talk to one of our log home specialists for recommendations and quality building products.