prefinished pine panelingA log cabin requires a different type of maintenance than houses with vinyl siding, stone, brick, or other materials. Interior wall paneling is protected better than weather exposed exterior siding.  Wood ages differently than man made materials and is especially susceptible to changes in moisture. Interior paneling can dry out easily from heaters and log stoves during the winter, making a strong finish or stain a very important element. Prefinished pine paneling is a solid choice for new homes or remodeling interiors, especially when maintained correctly. Regularly cleaning wood paneling can help it last for years without any replacement.

What is Prefinished Pine Paneling?

Our prefinished pine paneling is a knotty pine paneling that ships to you with a finish or stain already applied. All you have to do is just unwrap the packaging and nail it to your desired wall. We offer different types of finishes and stains – clear finishes keep the wood the same color, stains can make the wood look darker. Our barnwood paneling has a dark blue gray base with silvery white undertones that mimic the look of barnwood without the hassle of actually using it. Old barnwood has been weakened over the years, can smell musty, and is difficult to find in large quantities. Our specially formulated finish is paired with the strength of new wood to produce a safe, but weathered look.

The prefinished pine paneling is end matched with tongue and groove cuts on all sides to fit each piece together like a puzzle. This means less cuts and zero waste when fitting the paneling together. End matching changed the interior log siding industry for the better and saves homeowners on extra siding costs every year, and practicing wood paneling care will help it last even longer.

Prefinished Pine Paneling Care

When it comes to wood paneling care, preventative measures are essential. Pine paneling is particularly affected by changes in moisture, as it can be difficult to initially draw all of the moisture out before application. Once wood becomes damaged it typically must be replaced completely to maintain the integrity of your house’s infrastructure. By regularly maintaining your pine paneling and practicing wood paneling care, you won’t have to replace it for possibly the entirety of your lifetime.

Our Knowledgeable Product Specialists

The Woodworkers Shoppe - Sample BoxOur product specialists have years of experience between them to help customers feel comfortable with the products they are buying. When you connect with a specialist over the phone or in person at a showroom, they can show you some wood samples and even send you a sample kit directly to your home. These sample boxes showcase the different types of wood we offer, complete with a DVD and product catalog. We try hard to make the product ordering experience seamless, whether it is in person or online. If you have any general wood paneling care questions, feel free to ask – chances are, a previous client has asked it before. Before you begin the paneling process, consult a product specialist on where to start and other tips on how to maintain the wood as it ages.

With our knowledge and experience, it won’t be long before you’re ready to nail it up. Lending you to enjoy it for many years to come! Make your home one that you enjoy living in. It’s hard to resist that rustic look, and with our quality indoor pine paneling, you can achieve it at an affordable cost!