Tastes in log home floors vary with three trains of thought including traditional, modern, and a mix of the two. Traditional homes typically have wood floors in every room, while modern ones have carpets, tile, or stone. The third option is a mix of these materials plus hardwood, laminates, and other materials in combination.

The popular choice for today’s log homes is pine wood floors with rugs and carpets. Pine is much less expensive than hardwoods, and that’s why it is a favorite choice for traditional cabins and homes. Carpets are warmer but are easily stained and dirtied. The discussion that follows will point out why pine floors and rugs are better for the long-term.

Advantages of Pine Floors and Rugs

 If you are a traditionalist, pine floors naturally go with log homes. Carpets tend to take away from the cozy, warm, and rustic appeal that most people expect to see. Pine benefits include:

Pine Trim and Molding

  • Pine flooring is durable, has a long life, and is beautiful.
  • Homeowners skilled in woodworking can lay pine flooring, whereas they must hire professional carpet layers. By laying your own, you can save a substantial sum.
  • Many shades of stains are available to meet anyone’s preferences.
  • Skilled homeowners can both stain flooring and put a clear coat finish on them.
  • Pine flooring is available in several widths and lengths to create different patterns.
  • Pine floors can be refinished in the future if you want to change colors.
  • These floors can be easily cleaned with inexpensive materials.

Beautiful areas and throw rugs can be placed in spaces that act as noise insulators, help to unify colors in a room, and add warm spots for cold feet. They can be placed at a bed’s side, under coffee tables, and in the center of rooms. Use non-slip bottoms to prevent falls and injuries.

Drawbacks of Carpets for Log Homes

One of the major complaints about carpets in log homes is they can become soiled easily with dirt and liquid spills. When log homes are built in the country on a farm or ranch, this can be even more pronounced. Here are more reasons to use pine floors instead of carpets:

Prefinished Pine Flooring for Log Homes

  • Carpets hold allergens and dust that are problems for people with respiratory issues.
  • They are also conducive for dust mites and other pests.
  • If you have a large family or pets, they tend to get dirty fast.
  • Carpets can retain moisture that invites mildew and mold in humid climates.
  • They can be difficult to clean. If you hire them, it can be costly in the long-run.
  • Carpets will need replacing over the years, especially when it’s time to sell the house.

Some brands and piles of carpeting will flatten and harden over time. They can also retain odors and bacteria, and fade when exposed to the sun for long periods. Learn more about the health risks of old and dirty carpets. In short, you’re better off with pine floors and rugs in a log home.

“The popular choice today is pine wood floors with rugs and carpets. Pine is much less expensive than hardwoods, and that’s why it is a favorite choice for traditional cabins and homes. Carpets are warmer but are easily stained and dirtied.”

Log Home Floors

Rooms That Benefit from Wood Flooring

Pine flooring is recommended in all rooms except those that experience moisture. Even this can be overcome by placing an area of tile or stone near sinks in kitchens and bathrooms where water might drip on the floor.

Living rooms, family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, and exercise areas are ideal places for pine floors as well as hallways, offices, and closets. You can stain floors with different colors to add variety and match color schemes in specific rooms.

How to Protect Your Pine Floors

The following ideas help keep your pine floors looking new for many years.

Prefinished Pine Flooring

  • Place felt furniture pads on the feet of couches, chairs, sofas, rockers, lamps, and any other items that will be moved for vacuuming and cleaning floors.
  • Use outside doormats at each entry door for wiping shoes and boots
  • Place doormats inside each entry door for further cleaning shoes and boots
  • Practice taking off shoes and boots when entering the house because they pick up tiny rocks and debris that can scratch any floor.

Vacuum floors regularly and clean with only water or a mild cleanser made especially for wood floors. This Old House provides a few more useful ideas to protect your wood floors.

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