Traditional pine floor layouts have served thousands of cabin and homeowners well over the centuries. They are laid out in straight patterns either running parallel or at ninety degrees to the length of the rooms. There are other options you may find interesting and want to try in a new home or when replacing your old floors.

We will outline five other knotty pine flooring patterns for you to consider that includes:

  • Diagonally laid design
  • Random lengths and widths
  • Chevron layout
  • Parquet style
  • Herringbone design

The more complex the pattern, the more time you need to spend planning to do it right to avoid wasting material, time, and money.

Why Pine Floors?

Knotty Pine floors have several advantages over hardwood flooring that make their use worthwhile and aesthetically pleasing. Consider these benefits:

  • Pine floors are much more affordable – Pre-finished knotty pine flooring goes for $3.75 per sq. ft. and unfinished for $2.37 per sq. ft. whereas hardwoods cost between $5.00 and $15.00 per square foot.
  • Knotty pine wood is sustainable – Pine trees that are grown on controlled tree farms are renewable resources while hardwoods are not typically replanted.
  • Pine is soft enough to work easily but hard enough to be durable – Working with pine wood is easier on the muscles and your tools compared to hardwoods.
  • Knotty pine has amazing characteristics – This wood product tends to have more rustic and beautiful knots, grain, and mineral streaks.
  • Pine floors are easier to refinish than hardwood – Should you ever want to refinish your floors, you’ll find it much easier to sand off the old finish and sand out any small blemishes that have accumulated.

Knotty Pine provides a warm country look for any room in your home – log or conventional.

Random Length and Width Design

Use Tongue and Groove with End-Matching Design for Best Results

Savvy flooring contractors know that tongue and groove/end-matched pine flooring goes down faster, fits securely together, and looks more professional. You can achieve the same results by closely following the manufacturer’s or supplier’s guidelines.

This type of flooring design has a tongue and groove milled into each side and end of the boards. It prevents buckling and minimizes any shrinking of the wood pieces. When nailed down properly with a nail gun, you don’t have to worry about it.

Tongue and groove flooring is also available in 6” widths in a pre-finished condition. This approach saves valuable time and energy you can use on other projects.

2 Creative Patterns: Diagonal and Random Sizes

Two creative patterns you can use on floors are laying the boards in a diagonal pattern and using random lengths and widths. Neither is too complex and can easily be attained in any room. They can be covered with a clear coat to give a natural look or stained with any color.

“Knotty Pine floors have several advantages over hardwood flooring that make their use worthwhile and aesthetically pleasing.”

Chevron Floor

 Diagonal Patterns – The only difference in laying out a diagonal pattern versus a straight pattern is sawing the end boards at an angle. Many people cut the angles at 45° but you can choose any angle desired.

Random lengths and widths – This design is achieved by ordering 2 or 3 different widths and lengths of the pine boards. The tongue and groove/end-matching design works the same way as traditional straight layouts.

3 Unique Patterns: Chevron – Parquet – Herringbone

Chevron, parquet, and herringbone layouts can be achieved with a little more planning and work. Here you may want to hire a flooring contractor if you don’t feel comfortable taking on this project.

Chevron – The chevron pattern forms a central line with the planks meeting at a 45% angle and running in a continuous straight line to the end. You can use other angles if they appeal to you.

Parquet – Parquet layouts are the most popular in a standard block pattern but others also look great. Use a sharp or new saw blade to prevent end-splitting since there will be a lot of cutting.

Herringbone – The herringbone design uses rows of chevron layouts in widths of your choosing. Measure the width of each room carefully so one row won’t be narrower than the rest.

All five layouts make interesting floors and add charm to your cabin or home. You will get a lot of oohs and aahs from visitors who will think you are a flooring genius. Learn more about flooring patterns in this informative article.

Where to Purchase Highest-Quality Pine Flooring

High-quality pine flooring is available from the WoodWorkers Shoppe in Comins, Michigan. You will find the widths you need and finishing supplies for a professional flooring job.

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