Exterior Cabin Log Siding

Exterior Log Siding

Pine and Cedar woods have long been used as clapboard and shake siding respectively on conventional homes. For those of you interested in a log cabin or log home, you can have the full log look without the full log price. Use these same species of trees to create the perfect-looking log home or get-away cabin the pioneers would be proud to own.

Compared to full logs, log siding has all these advantages for you to consider:

  • They provide an authentic log appearance.
  • Log siding is easier and faster to install.
  • It is affordable and wastes less material.
  • Homeowners with woodworking skills can install it.
  • No need to hire a semi-truck or crane.
  • Order pre-finished siding for faster construction.

After thinking about the advantages Pine and Cedar provide, consider incorporating one of them into your plans. Our team will help you determine the amount of materials needed to do the job with a free estimate. Continue reading to find out why pine and cedar log siding for log cabins are traditional favorites.

What is the Difference Between Pine and Cedar Wood?

Since most of us are not arborists or botanists, It may be worth describing the difference between these two wood species. Pine trees come in several species and grow virtually in every state in the U.S. The trees we use are grown on Federally controlled tree farms which make them sustainable materials for future generations to use.

Pine is considered a softwood that is easy to work with, such as milling, sawing, drilling, sanding, staining, and finishing. Of the two kinds of woods, Pine is the least expensive and fits the homeowner’s budget well.

Cedar is another favorite softwood option that is also easy to work with in milling, sawing, drilling, sanding, staining, and finishing. Some customers think it is a more beautiful wood with its varied colors and mineral streaks. Although it costs more than Pine it is more moisture- resistant than most other woods. It’s worth knowing the properties of both Pine and Cedar woods before you buy.

Pine and Cedar Log Siding Are Amazing on Any Style Cabin

log cabin siding with Pine

Pine and Cedar make the best Log Siding

Both varieties of siding are milled with tongue and groove sides and end-matching on the ends. These features make installing them a pleasure in any kind of weather. Each piece is light and handy enough for two people to easily handle and lift into place.

The first illustration shows the natural beauty of Pine siding without stain and with a clear coat finish. The second displays the beauty of Cedar siding with its richer tones. Just about any roofing material and color looks great with our siding.

Whether you construct a single-story, two-story, or two and a half story cabin or home, you just can’t beat the warmth of a log home. We take pride in producing the highest-quality materials on today’s market.

Framing log cabins

A log cabin with siding attached to conventional framing

Homeowners and contractors both like the idea of attaching our siding to conventional framing. There’s no special framing or bracing needed compared to full log, stacked construction.

Spend your money where it will go the farthest with our defect-free and hand-inspected log siding. It can be adapted to any style or plan for your log cabin or home.

“Now is the time to order before the fall weather sets in that can cause delays in finishing your log cabin or home. Check our prices and sale items that will fit your budget nicely.”

Save Time with Pre-finished Pine or Cedar Siding

If you are on a tight schedule or you get a late start in the fall, saving construction time is worth its weight in gold! We’ve already mentioned saving labor time in measuring and sawing the planks. You can save even more time by ordering pre-finished Pine or Cedar siding.

As a bonus by letting our professional finishers do this work, you don’t experience any delays with the weather or scheduling a painter. The products arrive on your job site finished to perfection and ready to install. You can choose from these options:

  • Pine or Cedar
  • Quarter Log
  • Half Log
  • Premier Log
  • Smooth wood
  • Hand-hewn look

You will need door trim, window trim, and a corner system that can also be ordered in a pre-finished condition. If you choose Pine or Cedar paneling for the interior instead of paneling, we have that too! Let us know your building needs and we will share our experience and expertise.

You Will Need Trim and a Corner System

We mill high-quality trim and log cabin corner systems that partner perfectly with your log cabin or log home. Door, window, corner, ceiling, chair railing, and many more profiles of matching trims and molding are available – unfinished or finished. This butt-n-pass style is just one of many you can order from our mill.

Now is the time to order before the fall weather sets in that can cause delays in finishing your log cabin or log home. Check our prices and sale items that will fit your budget nicely.

If you’re still unsure about choosing the log siding profile, order a sample box of materials at a nominal cost. The sample will help you see the shapes, sizes, and colors of our Pine siding and trim. Find out how to install door and window trim with this video.

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