A Waiting Room with Knotty Pine Paneling

 There’s nothing that is more welcoming than an interior that is finished in natural timber, and using knotty pine panels can give you a durable interior that looks great and provides the right look for many years to come.

The advantages of weathered or knotty pine paneling are vast, and if you’ve been looking for an economical option, then you’ll love what we can offer at The Woodworker’s Shoppe.

Numerous Advantages of Knotty Pine Interior Paneling

Any time that you choose a remodeling material or a material for a new building, you’ll need to be sure that all of your needs are being met. On commercial properties, whether it’s for a real estate waiting room or even an attorney’s office, you’ll need to look at all of the advantages before you commit to a purchase.

For many businesses, durability will be one of the key concerns. A waiting room will typically see a moderate to heavy amount of foot traffic, and with a number of people regularly coming and going, it will be essential that the walls are able to withstand bumps and scrapes. Even something as simple as a piece of furniture rubbing against a wall could cause damage and wear with inferior materials, which is why timber based products make sense for a busy commercial space. Knotty pine wood paneling is much harder than drywall, it won’t tear like wallpaper, and it won’t discolor or chip like a painted surface. You won’t need to worry about your walls becoming unpresentable within just a few years of use, and knotty pine paneling or other weathered panels could last for decades with the right amount of care.

The cost of installation will be another major concern, as an expensive install could easily turn a simple building or remodeling project into a budgetary nightmare. Knotty pine tongue and groove paneling use a system that we pioneered, with tongue and groove cuts on both the ends and lengths of our panels. This ensures a close seam that resists warping and other problems found with interior panels, and the installation time is greatly reduced. Without the need for stud matching, you won’t use as many nails to secure your knotty pine paneling, and you also won’t need to make as many uneven cuts that could create waste pieces and ruin the look of your walls.

Of course, you’ll also want your walls to look great, and the aesthetic appeal is as important in a commercial setting as it is in the home. Our panels look fantastic, whether you choose knotty pine panels or weathered barn wood paneling. There’s a definite element of tradition in our panels, but they also look great in modern settings, and timber panels work well with a range of décor choices.

The durability, versatility, easy installation, and standout looks of our paneling solutions are what have made us a top supplier for both homes and businesses across the United States.

Pricing for Knotty Pine Paneling

log siding and knotty pine panelingNone of the benefits would matter if the actual price of the panels was out of reach of the average business. Pricing for knotty pine paneling is extremely affordable, whether you’re thinking of finishing an entire room, or simply creating a feature wall. You can use our simple price calculator to get an initial estimate for the cost of your paneling.

Prefinished pine paneling for a single 8×15 foot feature wall can be as low as $212, which is highly competitive with drywall finishing, especially when you consider that paneling will last much longer than a wall that is made from plaster and other fillers. With natural timber, you also know exactly what is going on your wall, and you won’t need to worry about dangerous additives that could cause irritation or that could lead to environmental contamination when they are eventually removed and disposed of. Even when you choose prefinished paneling, you’ll be confident that we use low VOC finishes that won’t be hazardous to your staff or clients.

Browse our paneling range today, or get started with a pricing estimate by using our quick quote calculator or email us for a complete estimate.