Rustic wood trim has remained extremely popular throughout the years due to its timeless elegance, but understated subtlety. Many people have trouble figuring out where to buy rustic wood products that are also easy to install. For those who love having a home with a rustic look, we offer many types of wood trim, including knotty pine trim, molding, casing and barnwood trim. Any of these will help you to finish off rooms and make your home look more complete.

Our rustic wood trim for walls and other log products are available in locations across the country or in our online shop, ordered with the help of our renowned customer service team. The availability of our rustic wood trim makes our clients’ experience even easier when it comes to completing your home project.

Types of Rustic Wood Trim that We Offer

Knotty Pine Trim

Rustic Wood TrimWe offer knotty pine trim, molding and casing. For indoor paneling or drywall, there are many different types of trim that you can order simply based on your preference. For baseboards and casing, our colonial style looks more refined, the three bead style is more modern, and the round-over style is simple. These styles are good for embellishing doors and windows inside. Our miscellaneous indoor trim ranges from elegant crown molding, colonial chair rails, and ceiling trim, just to name a few.

Our exterior log siding trim is created to withstand the elements, protecting windows and doors. The size and thickness varies based on the type of wood that you plan to use for your actual exterior siding. Our product specialists will be able to send you a log trim profile sheet to determine the correct measurements and correct product to be effective yet look great.

Log siding electrical boxes come in singles, doubles, triples, or custom made for lights. These help keep the continuity of the exterior log cabin look; leaving the boxes open makes the exterior look unfinished and putting in metal boxes can disturb the aesthetic.

All of our knotty pine trim features the pine knots and rustic color that turns a regular room to look like a genuine log cabin. They can be kept as is, stained clear or stained a darker color. The exterior trim, electrical and light boxes are able to be stained with the heavier duty outside stain.

Barnwood Trim

We also offer barnwood trim, for homes that have an even more aged, weathered look. All of our barnwood trim and barnwood paneling is pine that has gone through an intense weatherized process. The texture that emerges is unique and charming. This barnwood trim is stained by a low volatile organic compound (VOC) finish, which protects your family from harmful fumes. You are able to choose between our dark stain with silver and white undertones, stain the trim yourself, or create a custom color with help from our finish shop. This customization process will give you even greater control and more options than what competitors offer.

The knotty pine trim and barnwood trim are cut to fit perfectly together, so you will have no trouble making them look seamless. If you know the exact measurements of what you need, or product specialists can again help you with ordering the right amount of trim.

Custom Trim Orders

If you are seeking a shape that is different than the traditional straight boxed edge, we are able to accommodate your vision. We have created arched trim many times that fit snugly around arched windows or doors. This unique rustic window trim keeps the look of your home fluid and does not limit you to just square windows and doorways when designing or redoing your home. The advantage of our custom trim shop is access to our knowledgeable staff who can help you through the modeling/remodeling process.

The Appeal of Rustic Wood Trim Brought to All Customers

Rustic wood trim, especially coupled with log homes, evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity. It can bring back childhood memories or create new ones in a newly remodeled home. Being able to install real wood trim yourself is extremely rewarding, especially when minimal lumber waste is involved.

We entered this industry years ago with the mission of bringing clients the rustic, log cabin look with affordable prices, high quality wood, and unquestionable service. Since then, we have become experts in our field and served many customers throughout the United States from our various showrooms and distributor locations. All of our products are available online for easy ordering, and our clients have been extremely pleased with the products even before seeing them in person. If you are interested in seeing the quality yourself and cannot visit a showroom or distributor, sample kits are available. The Woodworker’s Shoppe is the most qualified and knowledgeable place to begin your search for rustic wood trim.