wood siding and exterior trimBuilding a home can take a lot of planning, and a lot of materials to choose from. What do you want to use for the walls of your home? What paint do you want? Is wallpaper an option? Tile, carpet, or wooden flooring? With all the choices you have to make, it might be a bit overwhelming to realize you still need to find the finishing touch: the exterior walls. Finish off your home with natural wood siding and exterior trim, and come home to a house you love looking at.

About Us

Why come to The Woodworkers Shoppe for your natural wood siding and natural wood trim? After all, you could just head to your local home improvement store and still get the wood you need. However, our lumber comes pretreated or prefinished, or unfinished to allow you to customize it as you want! We use only the best knotty pine wood for our natural wood siding and natural wood trim, and offer amazing prices for our beautiful quality. We always focus on providing the best in customer service for all of your orders, and stand behind our wood.

Our Natural Wood Siding

Our natural wood siding is beautifully crafted, from simple plank siding to actual log siding that can make your new home look like a rustic cottage from a bygone era. While we’ve moved past building homes out of logs, we don’t have to leave the beauty of it behind.  Our beautiful natural wood siding can recreate the home for you, without having to force you into giving up modern comforts like insulation and in-wall wiring. If you’re looking for something more modern, our plank wood siding gives a simple and memorable look that has been used for decades. We use the best knotty pine wood available to carefully craft solid and long lasting natural wood siding that will continue to be a beautiful addition to your home.

Exterior Natural Wood Trim

If you’re deciding on our gorgeous natural wood siding, you’re going to want a matching natural wood trim for your doors and windows! No use letting those holes in your siding remain looking like holes, dress it up a bit. We’ve got beautiful exterior natural wood trim meant for any weather, and can match any staining that you choose on your siding. Whether you’re looking for a simple trim or a lavish extension of your own personality, we’ve got plenty of choices ready to go when you need them.

Interior Natural Wood Trim

Decided on a simple outside trim? Why not consider something a little more detailed indoors? You’ll stand out beautifully when your friends see the beauty of your home. Our rustic wood trimming can allow you to highlight the corners of your home, creating tiny details that really emphasize the beauty. Our baseboards are offered in three simple cuts, though we’re always willing to offer what we can to give you what you want. You can choose between the traditional colonial, the classy triple bead, or the simple rounded edge to line your floors, and we’ll also prefinish the boards for you, if you want! We have crown mold and colonial railings for the ceiling borders, as well as corner covers and other types of ceiling trim.

Why Use Wood?

interior log siding trimThese days, you can choose all sorts of material for your siding. You could choose a brick house, or adobe, or even cement! As for trims, they’re purely additional and to your own choice, and if you really wanted to, you don’t have to trim anything. Using natural wood trim and siding on your house helps give it a more natural look, and can help you feel more traditional than the modern shiny and new look. Stained or painted wood seals the deal, so to speak, and finishes the look of the home, whether you’re looking at the exterior or interior. We highly recommend you consider wood siding for your home, inside or outside, and to consider wooden trim to finish the look. It definitely adds a sense of class into your home, even before you start moving in your furniture!

Building a new home can be full of difficult decisions. Choosing between materials shouldn’t be one of them. Consider adding wood to your home, either on the inside or the outside, or even both! Wood is a natural material to use, and our wood is pretreated to last longer through all conditions. At The Woodworkers Shoppe, you’ll find all the exterior wood paneling and trim you need to make your home beautiful, and at an affordable price. Utilize our easy to install lengths of wood to make your home the talk of the town, and find yourself installing them in a fraction of the time. At The Woodworkers Shoppe you’ll find the lumber you need at the price you want, all with a smile and generous customer service. You’re always welcome to contact us with any of your questions, and we’ll answer you as soon as we can. Check out our online shop today, and save!