The overall trend for barnwood is strong and hot today for both reclaimed wood and faux barnwood products. Fans of this material like the rustic and vintage look and feel of real wood on their walls and ceilings. It’s like bringing part of nature into our homes and cabins, and it also offers a romantic air about it.

There are variations available from different widths, colors, and textures to meet your needs. Barnwood is also an ideal product for many other building and personal projects around the house or business place.

Why Barnwood for Walls and Ceilings Is So Popular

Barnwood transforms into unforgettable walls, ceilings, furniture, and other products with the look and feel of strength and history. It is unique enough to not become just another passing trend in home construction and furnishings.

Today, consumers are more environmentally conscious about building materials. They don’t want to waste trees and have a lot of products end up in landfills. Barnwood reminds them of history and wood that has aged with grace and beauty. It reflects character and different hues of color that are appealing.

Barnwood is so environmentally friendly that its demand as a building material should stay strong for generations. Whether faux or reclaimed, it is strong and durable with stability and longevity. Barnwood has been popularized by some of the world’s top interior designers, architects, home builders, real estate brokers, and furniture designers.

There’s a Better Modern Choice

There’s a better choice for barnwood for walls and ceilings than reclaimed or recycled wood. It’s modern barnwood made from sustainable pine wood and provides these advantages:

  • It looks like authentic old barn wood siding
  • It has the weathered look created by the elements
  • There’s the decorative look of rustic wood
  • There’s no moldy smells and no worms or bugs
  • It’s free of cupping wood, and there’s no nail-pulling
  • There’s no sorting, cutting, and ripping to get usable pieces

This product is neat, clean, and ready to install with simple tools. Just place and nail it for fast, easy, and fun installation. It is an eco-friendly rustic wood product with a water-base low VOC finish that is safe for you and your home.

“Fans of this material like the rustic and vintage look and  feel of real wood on their walls and ceilings.”

Variations in Barnwood for Walls

If you are a creative person, you enjoy having choices and variations in your purchases. Our barnwood provides options for your home, garage, workshop, man cave, basement, or business.

  • It is available in 6” and 8” widths
  • Available in 8’ and random lengths
  • Tongues and grooves on the sides and ends
  • Matching trims and baseboards are available
  • Available in weathered and smooth surfaces
  • Can be used on your home’s exterior in protected places
  • Many colors to choose from

Your wall paneling can be laid out horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in a variation of your choice. The barnwood can be stained in many colors in our finish shop including:

  • Bronze Walnut                                              
  • Washington Cherry  
  • White Ash
  • Chestnut
  • Weathered Red 
  • Fruitwood  
  •  Wheat                                          

You can order unfinished barnwood and stain it the color of your choice.             

Other Uses for Barnwood Paneling

Barnwood paneling in 6” and 8” widths can be used for many home and personal projects. The smooth and weathered surface textures lend themselves to creations like these:

  • Interior entryways                      
  • Interior door frames                      
  • Bookcases                     
  • Shelf backing                   
  • Benches
  • Kitchen islands
  • Beverage bars
  • Interior ceilings
  • Interior decking 
  • Swings            
  • Pantry linings          
  • Closet linings   
  • Accent spaces
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Base for wall hangers

There are many other projects within your reach that are only limited by your imagination such as kitchen or bath cabinets and bench tops. You might even try a wooden chest or boxes for storage or gifts. The tongue and groove/end-matching design creates tight joints so your projects with stay together better.

Be Ahead By Buying the Best

You will never be sorry for buying the highest quality products you can afford. Here’s what to look for in top-grade barnwood paneling:

  • Kiln-dried for the correct moisture content
  • The right moisture content for stability and finishing
  • Hand-inspected pieces for flawless paneling
  • Wood that has been stored properly in the warehouse
  • Paneling that is packed and shipped carefully
  • Pieces that you don’t have to sort through

Our barnwood paneling comes with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Our craftsmen take pride in producing only the best pine barnwood paneling for your projects. Don’t forget the trims for door and window frames, corners, and baseboards.

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