Log siding and full log homes look extra special with porches and decks. Porches typically have a roof over them while decks are generally open. There are some essential points to consider when deciding which one to build, including:

  • There is no right or wrong answer for you
  • It must meet your year-round needs
  • Your choice must be budget-friendly
  • You can have two different types of porches or decks
  • Consider the pros and cons of each type
  • Consider your climate and extremes of weather

Why We Love Porches and Decks

Cozy porches and decks are inviting places to rest, relax, and socialize with family and friends. They help to make your home or cabin a more peaceful and welcoming place. Porches and decks let us get out of the house without going anywhere to enjoy some fresh air and scenery. Many homeowners report other some reasons they love their porches and decks:

  • Gives you more space to enjoy life
  • Offers comfort for guests
  • Adds character to a house in an affordable way
  • Adds a touch of beauty
  • Provides a great place for hosting parties
  • Adds monetary value to a home

Other people report their porches and decks can add a versatile roofline, a homey feel, and protection for entryways from the elements. Enclosed porches can also add more living space for working from home or a sleeping place during warm weather.

Porches and Decks: Enclosed Porches

One of the two porch options is an enclosed porch that is protected from the elements. They can be used year-round for all the reasons we have mentioned.

  • They are covered by a roof that extends from the home’s roof
  • Can be located on the front, rear, or side of a home
  • Wrap-around porches can enclose one-half, three-fourths, or all the house
  • Typically have wood floors, walls with many windows or screening, and a door
  • Provide protection from bugs and insects

These porches look great with some pine paneling on the walls and a full pine-paneled ceiling. Floors made of pine wood add beauty and durability to any porch. Windows that protect us from harmful UV rays are the best choice and they should be insulated. Heating, cooling, and electrical outlets may be added as options.

Open Porches Let You Feel the Breeze

The second option in porches is an open porch typically found on the front or back of a log home. Open porches have a roof over them and are less expensive to build than enclosed ones.

Knotty pine paneling in the color of your choice also works well for open porch ceilings. They most often have railings or fences on the perimeter with a short flight of steps.

They are fine places to rest, relax, and socialize in the warmer months of the year. Compared to enclosed porches, open porches offer these benefits:

  • You get more of a view of the surroundings
  • There is less maintenance to deal with
  • Provides great curb appeal
  • More budget-friendly

Open porches let you feel the breeze, hear the birds sing, see the coastline or rolling hills, and observe nature more in general.

“Log siding and full log homes look extra special with porches and decks.”

Porches and Decks: Open Decks

An open deck is a structure built above the ground and attached to support joists and posts. They typically have a railing around the perimeter and a short flight of steps. Decks are popular gathering places for family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to enjoy each other and eat.

Decks are generally attached to the back of a log home and others are placed adjoining a pool or patio area. They are perfect places for entertaining and enjoying a summer cookout or an afternoon lunch. Decks are also handy places just to sit down and enjoy the great outdoors. They are also used as storage areas under the deck for garden and lawn tools and other outdoor items. Stain your deck to match the color of your log siding and it will blend in perfectly.

Patios Are Another Option

Patios are different from decks in that they sit on the ground and the floors are generally made of stone, concrete, brick, or tile rather than wood. They serve the same essential purposes as decks during the warmer months.

Patios are essentially courtyards of a house and can be located anywhere in the backyard. They have a few advantages over decks, such as:

  • More affordable to build
  • Easier to maintain year-round
  • More privacy inside a fenced-in yard
  • Adding a fire pit

When thinking about building a porch, deck, or patio, consider why you want one or two and what your budget will allow. Once it’s built, enjoy it to the fullest.

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