Exposed log trusses have historically been used in barns and warehouses. But today they are used more frequently in homes and cabins to add a stylish element. They provide a feeling of strength with a lot of open space above rooms. Therefore, some homeowners think they add a cozy or historical atmosphere.

Homeowners want exposed trusses to perform their functions well and also look good. Log trusses are preferred over plain flat-wood construction-styled trusses that look unfinished. You will find them in many indoor and outdoor applications, including:

  • Firstly, Homes and cabins
  • Retail stores
  • Churches
  • Studios
  • Outdoor arbors
  • Open-air stages
  • Log pavilions
  • Entrance ways

Homeowners like exposed log trusses because they create a log home atmosphere and help keep the ground floor cooler in the summer. They also appreciate them for their strength and durability and environmental friendliness when made from pine wood.

What Are Exposed Log Trusses

Exposed log trusses are part of the roof structure that are visible under the roof area. When installed professionally, they are one of the most impressive home or cabin elements. Trusses are designed to carry the roof load while leaving them exposed to the rooms below. They are installed in high-ceiling areas for us to see and enjoy.

The most economical and sustainable log trusses are made from pine wood. The trees are grown on tree farms and will be available for future generations. Trusses are made in a triangular shape with vertical and angled log support posts for strength. They can be stained various colors and/or covered with several clear coats. Your contractor and/or architect will determine how many trusses you need for structural integrity.

Exposed Log Trusses Create a Log Home Atmosphere

Home and cabin owners like exposed log trusses because they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The open spaces surrounding log trusses provide more opportunity to do things with them that add a log home touch, such as:

  • Installing amazing light fixtures
  • Hanging an indoor garden
  • Add antiques and personal items
  • Antlers or artwork
  • Fish or animal trophies

You can truly stretch your interior decorating muscles with exposed log trusses. There is also easy access to the roof so you can add one or more skylights. Homeowners can order custom-made trusses of varying sizes and patterns for a perfect fit in any room.

“Homeowners want exposed trusses to perform their function well and also look good.”

Keeps the Ground Floor Cooler in the Summer

 We have all experienced one or more unbearably hot days inside a home or building. It was probably when the home or building had a normal height or lower ceiling that kept the hot air closer to the floor. Exposed trusses allow some of that warmth to rise from the floors into the rafters.                                       

The rooms will be cooler at ground level with or without the use of fans and air conditioning. The level of comfort is increased and the need for window walls to allow airflow is reduced or eliminated. Most likely you won’t need to run the fans and/or air conditioning as much that will save on the energy bills! You will especially enjoy this benefit in the southern states.

Exposed Log Trusses Are Strong and Durable

Trusses are assembled professionally in a controlled atmosphere by experienced craftsmen. They are made to the homeowner’s width and height specifications to meet their building needs, especially for the great room.

Exposed log trusses are typically used to cover the entire space from one side of the house to the other. There are generally no support posts under the middle because the trusses can support the load without them. You can add one or more peeled log supports for looks if desired.               

This type of structure creates an impressive and unique look that is not only strong but also durable. Trusses add to the overall structural integrity of a home or cabin by tying together the walls and roof construction. They also look great for entryways as illustrated here.

Exposed Log Trusses Are Environmentally Friendly

 Exposed log trusses made from pine trees are environmentally friendly while those made from metal are not. Pine trees are replanted on federally-approved tree farms so future generations of homeowners can enjoy them. Wood trusses have these benefits over steel:

  • The material is less expensive
  • Less labor is required to assemble them
  • Less labor is required to install them
  • They go up faster than steel trusses
  • Sound is not as easily transmitted as steel
  • Wood will not rust if cut, welded, drilled, or scratched like steel

Steel trusses are not as attractive as log trusses and do not exude the same type of homey atmosphere. If you are into the green movement, wood trusses are the correct choice for you. The WoodWorkers Shoppe will custom-make log trusses with the highest quality materials. Choose some excellent stains and finishes to make your trusses look like a million bucks.

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