Drywall is the most common type of interior paneling – that is something that no one can deny, no matter what. It is used in houses across the United States and in many commercial buildings, for several reasons. For one thing, it’s easy to hang if you can measure your cuts properly. In addition to that, drywall tends to make a very good insulation, and with that being the case, many have chosen it over the other options, including the faux wood paneling that was extremely popular in the 70’s.

Today, weathered barnwood paneling is without a doubt one of the best and most popular options out there, and with several good reasons. We’re going to take a look at the positives, and the reasons that you should be forgetting about drywall for good.

Why You Should Switch to Weathered Barnwood Paneling

There are many advantages to going with drywall but there are also several disadvantages that we would like to cover, all of which should more than convince you that our weathered barnwood paneling is the way to go.

Mold Risk

Drywall is a mold risk, plain and simple. If it gets wet, especially from behind, you will have no idea, and eventually that mold growth will start. While it might be irritating from a structural standpoint, it is also a serious health hazard,  giving you one more reasons to replace that drywall with something a bit more durable and a bit easier to clean, like our gorgeous weathered barnwood paneling.

Easily Breakable

Drywall can be easily broken, plain and simple. The fact of the matter is that while barn board paneling can be broken as well, We’ve actually seen several instances where someone has simply leaned against a drywall wall and had it cave in. The average home will have at least six to eight putty patches throughout its lifetime, if not more. If sounds even the least bit unbelievable to you, then consider what drywall is made from – it’s not that strong in the first place and it certainly doesn’t get strong when you hang it on framing. Our weathered barnwood paneling is much stronger.

Aesthetic Depth is Limited

You don’t have a whole lot of options with drywall, quite honestly. Once you hang it up you have a few options; you could hang some wallpaper, which is so very 80’s of you, or you could paint it. Granted you can choose any color you want, but your options are extremely limited when it comes to giving your wall the depth it needs. Don’t worry, there are other products out there that can meet your evolving needs, and sometimes, going forward requires taking a step backward.

A Step Backward

Moving away from drywall and into the world of wood paneling probably seems a bit like a step backward and I can completely understand that. Wood paneling is old, very old. It’s a method that’s been around for a while, but this isn’t the type of wood paneling that your parents or grandparents used. We’re talking about a beautiful real wood paneling that can only be matched by the rustic log cabins form the frontier. Investing in our weathered barnwood paneling can make your home look absolutely amazing, and there is no one who can contest that; the trick is finding a paneling supplier that can give you the best materials. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there.

Our stock is of the highest quality, and we utilize end matching technology, which means you will be dealing with absolutely no waste. In addition to that we offer a huge range of materials from pine, to white cedar, and you can choose one depending upon your particular needs. Remember, cedar is best for areas that will be seeing a lot of moisture! Visit our online store today and find the product that suits you best whether you’re looking to outfit the inside of your house, or you’re looking for some siding solutions.