Just a few decades ago, you probably wouldn’t have thought to install real wood siding on the interiors of your home. Traditionally, this type of material was used for finishing outdoor surfaces, however, plenty of innovative home builders and DIY renovators have recently found that interior log siding can create texture, three-dimensional depth, and a unique log cabin feel inside of any home.

If you want a unique home that will be a talking point for both your family and visitors, then log siding from the Woodworker’s Shoppe is a great decision. One question that might be on your mind, is whether you can install siding directly on top of your old damaged drywall.

Let’s take a look and learn how to install wood paneling over drywall.

Nothing to Stop You from Installing Real Wood Siding Over Your Drywall

wood sidingThe easiest answer to the question would be a simple yes. However, there are some things that you’ll need to consider before learning how to install paneling over drywall.

The largest concern for most homeowners is the fact that installing wood paneling over drywall will mean that walls become larger. Because our real wood siding is already three-dimensional in nature, you’ll lose some overall space in the room when you cover every wall.  While this will be negligible and you may not even notice the difference, you will have to deal with the fact that your power outlets will now be recessed within the wall. Of course, it is possible to bring the outlets forward so that they are flush with your new siding, and you can even use trim and molding pieces to complete the look.

Aside from power outlets, you’ll also need to consider the doors and windows in the room. Because interior log siding will add depth to your walls, you may want to consider using additional trim and molding to ensure that the finished job looks professional and uniform wherever your siding meets a window or door. You may also need to replace your door jamb as the original width will likely not be suitable for your new walls.

With these concerns taken care of, there are no other problems that you’ll have when installing wood siding inside your home. Keep in mind that there are different sizes of the siding pieces that you can use. Choosing quarter sawn siding will give you the least amount of offset when compared to drywall alone. For interiors, this would be the recommended log size.

Using Woodworker’s Shoppe Tongue & Groove Wood Paneling Over Drywall

There’s no special preparation when it comes to installing our real wood siding over drywall. You may even find that the flat and uniform surface will make it easier when installing your new siding. Because we offer our original tongue and groove system with all of our sidings, you won’t even need to worry about finding your stud pattern and matching up your pieces. This means there is less waste created, and you’ll achieve a better overall look, reminiscent of the log cabins of yesteryear. You’ll also reduce installation materials, so whether you are doing the install yourself or hiring a local contractor, you’ll end up paying less for your perfectly finished and highly attractive walls. Check out the video below to learn how to install wood siding in your home!

Want The Perfect Look Delivered to Your Door?

Choosing real wood siding from our online store will give you the option of prefinished wood that can mean savings of up to 50% when compared to having your siding finished on site. We use finishing materials that are low in volatile organic compounds, so there’s less odor and irritation from our prefinished products. If you’re looking for the most convenient, ready-to-go solution, then you should install wood siding from the Woodworkers Shoppe in your home!

Now that you know about installing wood paneling over drywall, it’s time to start exploring what we have available. Check out our range of quality siding in pine and white cedar, and you could even choose hand hewn pieces if you want to go for the authentic cabin look.

With regular specials and sale items, The Woodworker’s Shoppe is your premier choice for log siding interior design. And if you have any questions about how to install paneling over drywall, please don’t hesitate to contact us.