Knotty pine paneling is a favorite for walls, ceilings, and decking for today’s cabins, log homes, and cottages. Many homeowners are also installing it in some rooms in their conventional homes in beautiful layout patterns. Tongue and groove (T&G) panels with an end-matching design have advantages over traditional slab paneling. Going a step further, T&G pre-finished knotty pine paneling has even more benefits.

If you are behind schedule in your new home or cabin build or just want to save time and effort, you should consider using pre-finished paneling. The pros outweigh any additional cost.

  • Pine Paneling’s General Benefits
  • Factory Applied Finish Is Superb
  • Eliminate Painters and Inclement Weather
  • Save Time and Labor
  • 4 Widths Are Available

Once you try pre-finished knotty pine paneling, you will be sold on its pros.

The Benefits of Pine Paneling

The best approach to installing knotty pine paneling on walls, ceilings, and the decking is using tongue and groove planks with an end-matching design. This concept has set the industry standard for panels for several reasons, including:

  • The tongues fit snugly into the grooves on all sides and ends
  • Installing T&G is faster and easier, even for skilled homeowners
  • Nail heads are not exposed when using a nail gun
  • Panel ends can be butted together anywhere between studs
  • There is virtually no wasted material – use the sawed piece to start the next row

Combining this design with mill pre-finishing is a winner in the following ways.

Factory Applied Pre-Finished Pine Paneling Is Superb

Knotty pine paneling that is pre-finished at the mill or factory is superior to manually applying it on job sites. Here is why you should consider it:

  • The finish is applied in a controlled environment at the right temperature and wood moisture content
  • Dust and other air-born particles don’t settle in the finish when drying
  • The finish is applied to all the faces, backs, ends, edges, tongues, and grooves
  • This application provides a total and long-lasting seal on the wood
  • A durable, non-yellowing, and satin sheen is the end result
  • Applications meet and exceed all warranty requirements by the finish manufacturers

Fine craftsmen process each piece of paneling with care by completely sanding before the first and second coats of finish are applied. When dry, the paneling has a fine furniture-grade finish.

“Tongue and groove panels with the end-matching design have advantages over traditional slab paneling. Going a step further, T&G pre-finished knotty pine paneling has even more benefits.”

Eliminate the Painter and Weather Conditions

With the current housing boom in many areas, scheduling a painter may take longer than you want it to. The weather may be too humid or cold when you or the painter have time to apply the stain or clear coat finish.

Another issue you may face in a new home build is finishing the paneling before the HVAC system is functioning. The dry time may be longer than expected, especially in rainy or colder climates. You also avoid paying the painter and/or cleaning up the painting equipment. You do not need to store the leftover finished materials when you install pre-finished pine paneling. 

Save Time and Labor

If you enjoy painting and finishing and do not have the time available to do the job, then pre-finished knotty pine paneling is a great idea for you. On the other hand, if you do not like painting and finishing, it is an even better idea.

Purchasing the right finishing materials, tools, and cleanup products takes time away from other activities you might enjoy more. Set-up and clean-up times are also avoided when you install pre-finished knotty pine paneling.

The Selection of Paneling Sizes Meets Your Needs

Pre-finished knotty pine paneling is available in more than one size. You can mix or match any of these common sizes in the layout pattern of your choice:

  • 4” width
  • 5” width
  • 6” width
  • 8” width
  • All are ¾” thick

“IN STOCK” clear coat pre-finished wood panels are the standard product. Paneling custom-stained with Sherwin Williams or Minwax stains with 2 coats of clear top coat is also available.

All these benefits should give you plenty of reasons to purchase pre-finished pine paneling instead of unfinished paneling. Did we mention pine is more affordable than most other woods for walls, ceilings, and decking? Order yours today and enjoy a cozy and gorgeous home.

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