Imagine relaxing in the den of your very own log home and watching the sun set. The bad news is your home is not yet a log home. The good news is that it can be with a conversion and remodeling project. At this point, 90% of the work is already completed, and all that is necessary is replacing the exterior and interior wall materials and their trims with log siding.

What types of exterior home siding can be covered or replaced with pine log siding?

  • Aluminum or Vinyl
  • Clapboard or Shiplap
  • Composite or Manufactured Wood
  • Hardie Board or Fiber Cement
  • Steel or Stucco
  • Faux Stone or Brick Veneer

Virtually any material can be covered or replaced to have a log home with the exception of solid brick or stone which needs extensive work. Brick or stone needs furring strips secured to the exterior walls and door and window openings must be modified.

Exterior Siding: Convert to Log Home

Homeowners should consult with a professional contractor to make a crucial first decision. Once you decide whether to remove the current siding or cover it up, you are ready to buy the materials. Call The WoodWorkers Shoppe to get an estimate of how much siding and trims are needed for the exterior and interior walls.

The log trims and log siding are installed with sturdy long screws that will last indefinitely. The trims are installed first followed by the siding and the corner boards. Your most affordable option is unfinished knotty pine log siding. It also comes in a pre-finished condition but it may take longer to receive your order. Renovating with real wood log siding has the advantage of simulating full logs without the full log price.

Interior Walls: Convert to Log Home

A big plus for using log siding on the inside and outside of your home is it is secured to the existing wall framing. The three common interior wall materials to replace or cover are drywall, wood panel boards, and 4’x 8’ paneling sheets. Your contractor will know how to remove door and window trims and baseboards prior to putting up the siding.

All interior and exterior pine log siding can be stained with a wide variety of colors or it can be finished with only a clear coat finish. The most cost-effective way to purchase this material is in an unfinished condition. It can be bought in a pre-finished condition but the wait time may extend to weeks ahead.

“90% of the work is already completed, and all that is necessary is replacing the exterior and interior wall materials and their trims.”

Trims, Corners, and Baseboards 

Your order of materials should include exterior log trims and corners and interior trims and baseboards. These products provide you with an assortment from which to choose:

Quarter Log Siding Half Log Siding
2 x 6 D-Trim 3 x 6 D-Trim
3 x 4 D-Trim 4 x 4 D-Trim
Pine and Cedar Pine and Cedar
Smooth and Hand-hewn Smooth and Hand-hewn

This log trims coordinate well with all three log siding styles and profiles. Log trims are cut and installed before the log siding. The siding is butted flush into the trim and finished with a thin bead of caulk. Custom-made trims can be ordered with a larger width span.

The log siding exterior corners must be finished with corner trims. You can find those compatible with all styles and profiles of our siding. They are available in these styles:

  • Butt-n-Pass D-Style
  • Butt-n-Pass Double D
  • Vertical Log Corners
  • Saddle Notch
  • Smooth Surface
  • Hand-hewn Surface

All these selections are made to match the quarter log, half log, or premier log siding.

Hire a Contractor or Do It Yourself 

Before you order any log siding and trim materials, you must decide if you want to tackle the project or hire a contractor. The beauty of taking on this project is that you can live in your home while it is completed. Your contractor will let you know how much work and time is involved as well as the overall cost. Obtain bids from three different contractors and obtain references from each to help make the right decision. Find out why real wood siding is better than fiberboard siding.

America’s Leading Log Home Store

The WoodWorkers Shoppe is America’s leading log home materials supplier. All the siding trims, and corners mentioned in this article are available from our store. Each piece is guaranteed quality and your peace of mind. Our siding experts are happy to answer all your questions and assist with ordering the right quantity of materials for your conversion project.

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