Building a log home or log cabin with real wood log siding is currently the hottest way to construct them. The exciting news is you get the full log look without the full log price! This appealing feature makes log siding structures more desirable with today’s rising costs.

Quarter log, half log, or premier log siding looks great on any of these applications:

  • Log homes and cabins
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Detached garages
  • Workshops
  • Treehouses

City and state departments use log-siding structures for parks, offices, information centers, tourist attractions, and restrooms. The three profiles are available for all these uses. The question is, “Which is best for your needs?”

Wood Log Siding: Quarter Log

Pine quarter log siding is the best choice for the budget-conscious builder. Both 2×6 and 2×8 sizes provide rustic beauty and charm with their tongue and groove/end-matching design. The ¼” tongue and groove allow each piece to fit snugly together on both sides and ends. Two styles are available to fashion the atmosphere you desire:

  • Smooth finish – A smooth finish is milled into each piece of log siding to provide a modern and consistent appearance from piece to piece.
  • Hand-hewn finish – If you want the look of a more rustic wall created by hewing with an axe, you should love this surface.

Quarter log siding is appealing in either an unfinished condition or a pre-finished condition. Either choice needs 2×6 or 3×4 log trim around doors and windows and log corners to complete the job.

Log Siding: Half Log 

If you want a fuller log profile, go for half-log siding. It is the next step up in price range yet it is still affordable. Its 3×6 and 3×8 sizes in either smooth or hand-hewn finish provide the most popular log home or cabin style. Its ½” tongue and grooves provide strong joints for this amazing profile.

This profile is constructed with the same unique tongue and groove/end-matching design as the quarter log. Add either 3×6 or 4×4 log trim around windows and doors and a matching corner system and you have a winner.

“The exciting news is you get the full log look without the full log price! This appealing feature makes log siding structures more desirable with today’s rising costs.”

Real wood log siding is preferred over synthetic log siding materials.

Wood Log Siding: Premier Log

Premier deep D-log provides the most authentic look for a true log home because it has the deepest profile. This profile just looks super on the outside or inside of your home or cabin. These options are milled to give you a choice:

  • 3×8 and 3×10 thicknesses and widths
  • 4×4 and 4×6 log trims for doors and windows
  • Available on hand-hewn surfaces only

All profiles can be matched with a corner system that accents their depth and width, including

  • Butt-n-Pass D-Style
  • Double-D Style
  • Vertical Log
  • Saddle Notch

Pre-finished log siding may be available for your build – it is a real time saver. After choosing the variables covered so far, you need to select pine or cedar log siding.

Pine versus Cedar Log Siding

The next step in your home or cabin plans is the type of wood to use – pine or cedar. Each has its advantages. Pine is the more economical of the two and is readily available because it is a green or sustainable product.

Cedar is more resistant to moisture and insects and provides a richer color. Half-log cedar siding is also available in a 3×7 size. You cannot go wrong with either choice because they are both stable and durable wood products.

Consider Your Budget and Goals

Choosing the best combination of log siding profile and type of wood is not rocket science. It depends on the appearance that meets your plans and construction budget. You can still save money if you choose the Premier-D log siding. Install it on the exterior walls and put up half-log or quarter-log on the interior walls. 

The answer to our beginning question of which profile or style is best is ‘all of them.’ You cannot go wrong with any of them. Keep them properly maintained and they will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. TIP: Order our wood log siding sample package for only $15.00 to help you decide which profile to choose.

The smooth unfinished surface is the most cost-effective compared to the pre-finished or hand-hewn surfaces. Let us know if you need assistance with selecting the square footage needed for your project. We can give you an accurate quote for the products required for a high-quality log home or log cabin build. Check out this video before installing your siding.

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