Log HomeA second home is a dream for thousands of Americans for several reasons. The most common is using it for vacations and short get-a-ways with family and friends. Some owners rent the home on a part-time basis or operate it as a seasonal bed and breakfast. One of the new favorite styles of second homes is a log home because of its rustic and traditional nature.

Nothing says Americana like a log home, and they are more affordable than you might think. If you are in a financial position to build a second home, think about constructing one with log siding. Both pine and cedar make excellent round-log homes for any climate and any season of the year. Let’s delve into why a log home for vacations or rentals is a good idea.

Easiest, Fastest, and Most Cost-effective Way to Build a Log Home

Log Home

Before you decide how you will use your log home, think about the most cost-effective way to construct it. Log homeowners get the most bang for their bucks and the full log looks without the full log cost by using log siding. The beauty of this method of construction is that siding can be installed on conventional framing without hiring specialized contractors.

The wall framing is erected, insulated, sealed, and covered with tongue and groove pine or cedar siding. The end-matching design allows planks to be end-butted anywhere between studs for a strong joint. Add log trim around doors and windows and a log corner system and you have it. If you have never seen or visited a home made with log siding, you’ll be happy to see its traditional appearance and know it’s much less expensive to build than full logs.

Use It for a Vacation Second Home

Build a Log Home

The most popular use for a second home is for vacations, and under qualified conditions, as a tax deduction. It’s a joy to have your own vacation spot located near ideal conditions for fun and relaxation. Whether it’s on a lake or river, in the woods or mountains, or near relatives you can enjoy it as much as you desire.

 A second home does not need to be furnished lavishly to experience enjoyment there. If your budget is tight, you can go with simple and inexpensive furniture, appliances, and do without a garage. The most important thing is to have a log home that serves as an ideal get-away for you, family, and friends.

“Nothing says America like a log home, and they are more affordable than you might think. If you are in a financial position to build a second home, think about constructing one with log siding.”

Rent Your Log Home When You’re Not There

cabin in the woods

Renting the home on a part-time basis is an ideal way to generate revenue to help pay for the mortgage just like any other rental property. How often you rent it depends on these factors:

  • The amount of time you plan to occupy it
  • The season, weather conditions, or climate
  • How much income you want to earn
  • How well the renters treat the home and property
  • Using for tax deductions

TIP: Research how to be an effective landlord and how to select the ‘right’ renters before using your log home as a rental property.

A Bed and Breakfast Log Home Can Be a Seasonal Income

A novel way to use your log home is operating it as a bed and breakfast part of the year. Although it’s customary to live in the home, it’s not necessary. You can live in your first home and travel to the B&B each day like any other place you might work.

This option will require better furnishings and great-tasting meals. Your reputation may hang on the food you serve – not how fancy it’s furnished. Study a B&B business model before adopting this option for maximum potential.  

Make Your Plans and Buy Materials from Us

The WoodWorkers Shoppe has the following materials to build your log home at fair prices:

  • Log Siding, Log Trim, Log Corner Systems
  • Peeled Logs, Log Railing, Stairs
  • Wood Paneling, Flooring, Decking
  • Interior Trim, Molding, Corners
  • Doors, Mantels, Beam Covers, Log Trusses
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry
  • Staining, Sealing, Finishing Materials

Enjoy your second home by building with log siding and related products made with the highest quality wood materials. You can try before you buy by ordering a wood siding sample package with a DVD, color catalog, product info, and pricing for a nominal cost.

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