We’ve all heard “You get what you pay for” and this adage is especially true for log home building materials. You may find lower-cost log siding, trim, and corner systems but what are you sacrificing to save a few dollars? Buy from a trusted log home building materials dealer and you can avoid these issues:

  •     Wasting time sorting through the order to separated unusable items
  • Having to discard wood that is cupped, cracked, or missing knots
  • Spending too much time measuring for butting pieces on studs
  • Wasted material like siding and paneling that is a cash loss
  • Buying without a warranty or return policy

You will never be sorry for buying quality building materials. After all, this will be your home perhaps for many, many years and you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

You Get What You Pay For with Log Home Siding (Quality)

What are “quality” products and what does it mean for your building plans – both exterior and interior? The American Society for Quality helps us understand this important term.

  • Quality products satisfy their stated or implied needs.
  • Quality products are free of deficiencies.

Other manufacturing experts tell us that quality products must possess fitness for use meaning they must fit their purpose for use. They must also conform to the requirements of the maker and user. Last, they must be more than good products; they must meet the user’s needs.

Pine Log Trim

A line of log home building materials worthy of your consideration is Skyline Woods. Each item is hand-inspected to ensure it is free of defects and correctly kiln-dried so you will be pleased with its quality. This mill used specially trained craftsmen to manufacture the best log siding, trim, corner systems, and paneling on today’s market. More about this exciting company will follow below.

Avoid Imported Products That May Contain Hidden Toxins

Many of us take for granted the wood products we buy manufactured in the U.S. and are completely safe to use. This is not always the case.

 Some other countries have less safe manufacturing and environmental standards than the U.S. We may buy some of these imported goods from a cut-rate dealer and be putting ourselves and our family in harm’s way.

Product labels are not always clear or contain all the information we need to know they are completely safe.

Beware that some recycled/reclaimed wood products may contain odors, insects, nails, staples, screws, and yes, even some toxic chemical unknown to your supplier. Take all precautions when buying these products, whether siding, paneling, or trim because they may create health issues. All products made by the WoodWorkers Shoppe and Skyline Woods are 100% safe for you, your family, and your home.


“You will never be sorry for buying quality building materials. After all, this will be your home perhaps for many, many years and you want to enjoy it to the fullest.”


Log Home Materials

Join the ‘Green Crowd’ By Using Sustainable Materials for Your Log Home

Some wood building materials are becoming scarce because they are not replanted such as:

  • Oak trees – white and red
  • Hickory trees
  • Maple trees
  • Black Walnut trees
  • Ash trees

You can avoid being part of their destruction by using pine wood for your building needs. Pine is sustainable because many companies are planting them on tree farms for use by generations to come. They grow much faster and are ready for harvest sooner than the list of trees mentioned above. Pine is used for log siding, log trim, corner systems, paneling, interior trim, flooring, doors, and many other products.

Warranties Are Important When It Comes to Log Home Building Products.

Be wise and shop not just for quality and safe log home products and fair prices, but look for mills that offer solid warranties on their products. The best dealers know their customers won’t be returning their materials unless damaged during shipment because orders are hand-inspected before they are shipped.

 Learn more about shipping and delivery terms associated with our warranty before buying products. Follow the simple guideline should any issues occur with any of your orders of log siding, trim, corner systems, or any interior wood products.

This Dealer is America’s Trusted Log Home Products Supplier

Enjoy peace of mind working with the WoodWorkers Shoppe and Skyline Woods because they are the nation’s leader in quality log siding, knotty pine paneling, and log home products.

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