There is no more beautiful, natural wood for floors and doors than red pine, also called Norway pine. This native species has many characteristics that make having it in your home or cabin a delight. It has been prized for centuries in America and in Europe.

Red pine is a coniferous evergreen tree that grows tall and straight which makes it ideal for flooring, paneling, siding, doors, and many other woodworking projects. The wood is ideal to work because it is lightweight, a softer species, and affordable.

Knotty Pine Floors Are Beautiful and Economical

Pine Floors and Doors Perfect for Any RoomIt’s easy to see the beauty of the knots and colors of the floors and doors in these photos. Pine is so versatile that it enhances any style or size home from a simple cottage to an elegant house.

Each piece is milled with a tongue and groove end-matching design that makes installation easy.

Mother Nature has been kind to this tree. It grows rather fast compared to hardwoods and makes it an ideal tree to grow on sustainable farms. Pine floors can be purchased with a rough-cut surface or a finer sanded surface.

Knotty pine’s colors vary from nearly white to a reddish-brown hue depending on how much heart or sapwood is in each board. Pine can be easily stained to your preference of a beautiful rustic, traditional, or modern color.

Many homeowners like its natural colors and only apply clear coat finishes. A major benefit of pine flooring compared to hardwoods is its affordability especially from suppliers that sell high-quality wood at competitive prices.

Knotty Pine Interior Doors Come in Many Styles

Knotty pine doors are a natural complement to pine flooring, wood walls, or drywall in any room. You can expect to find these doors with the following specifications:

  • Thicknesses of 1 3/8”
  • Come with knock-down, pre-hung jambs
  • Available in standard sizes – heights and widths
  • Affordable hand-crafted doors are available

The best craftsmen produce a variety of door styles that will please anyone, including:

2-panel insert
@-panel Arch

2-Panel Insert    2-Panel       2-Panel Arch     4-Panel           5-Panel           6-Panel   K-Door

These door styles vary by the number and size of their panels whether 2, 4, 5, or 6 panels. Notice how the K-Door style has four triangular-shaped panels for a different look.

There’s no more beautiful, natural wood for floors and doors than red pine, also called Norway pine.

The right hinges make our pre-finished pine doors look more amazing! Choose many colors of hinges that may be ordered with jambs that are 3 ½” with a 5/8” radius.

Selection of Door HingesThese 7 hinges from left to right are:

Satin Brass, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Brushed Silver, Antique Brass, Glossy Brass, Black, and Chrome

Your doors will ‘thank’ you for making them so naturally attractive and special with these colorful hinges!

Tips for Caring for Pine Floors

After laying your pine flooring, the next step is to apply your preferred stain colors and finishes. Follow the instructions including drying time, sanding, and cleaning between coats for the best results. By using the following tips, you can keep your floors looking new for many years:

  • Use furniture pads that won’t scratch your floors on all furniture legs. They should be sturdy, soft, and permanently applied.
  • Place mats on the outside and inside of entry doors so everyone can wipe their shoes.
  • Dust each room before vacuuming floors instead of the other way around.
  • If you mop your floors, use water or a mild cleaner, and never use a harsh chemical.
  • Polish your knotty pine floors several times each year with high-quality floor polish.

You can keep floors in better condition by taking your shoes off when entering the house. Ask family and guests to remove their shoes or boots if you feel comfortable doing it. You can follow the additional tips found in this informative article to maintain pine floors.

Caring for Interior Pine Doors

Use effective, high-quality door stops mounted on baseboards – not on door casings to prevent damage to the casings. They can also prevent damage to walls caused by doorknobs hitting them. Clean your doors as needed to prevent dust and build-up from heating oils, coal, or other fuels that can leave a residue. Remember that horizontal surfaces collect the most dust.

Teach family members to open and close doors slowly to help prevent damage. Always make sure you leave adequate room on each side of objects or furniture you move in or out of rooms. Your knotty pine doors and floors can last for generations by taking fine care of them.

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