If you’re opening a new store or even renovating your existing business, then you’ll need to ensure that your interior design is both classy and appealing. One thing that you can do to make sure that your shop stands out to clients, is to using interior log siding on your walls. Pine and cedar can help to give your shop a natural and timeless look, and with modern siding products you won’t need to worry about costly installations or maintenance.

At the Woodworkers Shoppe, we provide what many believe to be the best interior siding in America, and we’re going to tell you why this is one of the ideal natural wood products that you should work with if you want to realize your rustic retail store design ideas.

Log Siding is Not Just for Your Exteriors

Interior Log SidingToday, people want to create more striking surroundings in homes and in businesses. One way that you can give your store a broad appeal, is by using traditional log siding on your interiors. While most people would choose a thinner and less impressive type of paneling, if you choose interior log siding, your rustic retail store design will look more dramatic, more authentic, and will have a stronger impact on your customers.

If you have a business that is in some way related to traditional log home construction, then this type of siding will be even more appropriate. If you sell hunting and fishing goods, outdoor apparel, or even if you run an organic food store, log siding will create a memorable image in the mind of every customer that walks through your door. A rustic retail store design can translate to more repeat business, increase word of mouth sales, and more frequent customer referrals.

Easier Installations Cut Down Costs and Reduce Project Delivery Time

It doesn’t matter if you’re remodeling or even fitting out a whole new building, the cost and time it takes to install your interiors will be critical. The faster your teams are able to work; the sooner you’ll be able to open for business.

Log cabin siding from the Woodworkers Shoppe is manufactured using a unique tongue and groove system. The slot-in design is not just on the vertical ends of the siding, but also on the horizontal joins. This means that you won’t need to worry about finding studs for each individual end, and you’ll minimize wasted materials from unnecessary cutting. Most importantly, a professional installer will be able to work faster to complete your interiors. Many of our customers even buy our siding for DIY installation, and if you’re that way inclined, you’ll find our products are incredibly easy to work with when realizing your rustic small store design ideas.

Natural Hand Hewn Looks, Smooth Siding, and a Stain of Your Choice

You’ll have two options when choosing the surface of your new log siding. Hand hewn is the more natural look, and is reminiscent of times when early settlers were still creating log cabins, saloons, and general stores, all across the Midwest and Pacific regions. Hand hewn logs will add extra texture to your walls, and could make for a great look if you’re aiming for a traditional atmosphere.

If you want something that is more modern but still retains the classic charm, then you can choose smooth finished logs that have been milled and sanded to leave a flawless finish. You can choose from either pine or cedar logs, and we offer quarter sawn, half, and premier log siding. We use a polyurethane coating that preserves the beauty of the natural wood, while giving each individual piece a perfect seal that will protect against impact marks, scuffs, scratches, and moisture damage.

Prefinished pieces mean that you won’t need to worry about adding another step to the finishing process at your business location, further cutting down on your expense and installation time.

Your Business Deserves the Upscale Look of Interior Log Siding

When you need something that is a step above painted drywall or laminate wood paneling, it’s time to consider a rustic retail store design with our interior siding. With so many options, ranging from the materials, to the size of your log cabin siding, you can achieve the perfect look that will help tie the overall design of your business together.

With The Woodworkers Shoppe, you’ll also be able to choose from a range of other wood products, whether you want traditional knotty pine paneling, building exteriors, or even flooring and decking materials. Browse our range today, and choose your own interior log siding for a sharp looking retail space that both you and your customers will love.