Knotty pine paneling in its various forms makes an ideal interior wall covering for log cabins and log homes. You can choose from beadboard, weathered, and traditional styles of paneling. Study the characteristics of each one before finalizing your plans.


Knotty Pine Paneling, the Perfect Choice For Your Home

Installing beadboard paneling can transform any room. Beadboard is differentiated from other paneling with its vertical grooves, known as beads. In former days, these beads were created by nailing individual narrow boards to the wall. Today beadboard comes in wider boards and large sheets for faster installation. You can cover the entire wall or only part of it by installing vertically or diagonally.

One favorite use of beadboard is called wainscoting. Wainscoting consists of applying the beadboard at the bottom of the wall, a chair rail at its top, and another material from there to the ceiling. Typical beadboard heights range from 27” to 36” from the floor to the top. This practice is visually appealing because it breaks up a plain wall into two great looking sections.


Another older traditional application of knotty pine lumber paneling is called Pickwick. This style has two beads with a shallow hollow between them which is very similar to our beadboard. The boards are tongue and groove that lock together for a solid, flat fit. You can install beadboard paneling with boards of equal width or random widths for a unique effect.

Pickwick was the most popular form of home paneling in the 1940s and 1950s. Although it lost favor after that period, it’s making a comeback in log cabins and traditional home styles. Our version of  the old pickwick style is our beadboard and is available from us which is produced from our quality wood mill.


Weathered knotty pine lumber paneling provides an old barnwood appearance and feel. Millworks use a unique process to create new weathered wood that looks like old, reclaimed wood. You can select the depth of weathering to fit your preferences. Additionally, you can choose between raw or prefinished stains and colors.

Weathered paneling does not have the disadvantages of salvaged wood. There are no crooked boards, nails to remove, toxins, or odors to contend with. Each piece is milled to precise dimensions for uniformity. If you want the barnwood look at less cost and easier installation, go for weathered knotty pine paneling.


Choose Natural Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove

This style of paneling comes in widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” and is typically ¾” thick. Each piece has natural knots, colors, and mineral streaks that are beautifully suited to a log cabin or home. Traditional paneling is easy to install and finish. You can order traditional knotty pine lumber paneling in raw or prefinished forms.

Standard Knotty Pine paneling is the most popular style because of its simple and clean lines. You can install it with boards of equal or random lengths. The patterns can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal, or a unique combination of multiple directions.

Choose Natural Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove 

Save yourself a lot of time and material waste by purchasing natural Knotty Pine tongue and groove paneling. This paneling consists of boards that have tongue and groove features on the sides and ends of each piece. They lock together to form flat, solid joints. The end joints are so strong they can be end butted together between studs.

Each board is precisely cut so there will be no gaps or spaces between panels. The benefits of tongue and groove knotty pine lumber paneling include:

  • Fast and easy installation – even by skilled homeowners
  • Reduces the amount of measuring and cutting time 
  • Up to 20% in labor savings
  • Up to 20% less material waste
  • Easy to sand, stain, and finish
  • Easy to install with a nail gun

Don’t waste your time with plain boards that you must install on studs. Use the time saved with natural Knotty Pine tongue and groove paneling for something you enjoy.

The Right Knotty Pine Trim and Molding Is Important

The Right Knotty Pine Trim and Molding Is ImportantA house isn’t complete without the right knotty pine lumber trim and molding in these areas:

  • Around doors and windows
  • Baseboards at the bottoms of walls
  • Chair railing to protect walls
  • Chair railing at the top of wainscoting
  • Ceiling molding
  • Inside and outside corners

You will find a variety of sizes for each type of trim and molding for the interior and exterior of your house. Trim and molding are available in convenient sizes for fast installation.

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