How to Choose Log Cabin Molding and Trim

How to Choose Log Cabin Molding and TrimSo, you’re designing a log cabin, and need molding and trim ideas? Choosing interior molding takes a bit more thought than choosing exterior molding. There are many varieties of styles and sizes to enhance the walls, ceilings, and floors. Here are some fundamental decisions to make:

  • The varieties of wood
  • Styles of molding and trim
  • Unfinished or Pre-finished
  • Tongue-n-Groove paneling or
  • Traditional boards

It will be worth the money to purchase high-quality molding and trim from a reputable online supplier that guarantees their products. Cut-rate materials have many flaws and can crack and warp over time. The best quality molding and trim are crafted from select pine or cedar trees grown in controlled forests. Each piece of log cabin molding and trim is milled to exacting standards and hand-inspected for defects.

Knotty Pine Rustic Wood Is Amazing

The most amazing rustic wood varieties for molding are knotty pine, knotty cedar, and barn wood. Since knotty pine is the most affordable and available wood, we will concentrate on it here. This species makes ideal rustic interior trim, casing, and molding for any log cabin or log home. It will complement your knotty pine paneling, and will also look great on drywall.

For a complete job on the interior of your cabin, you need: 

  • Door trim
  • Window trim
  • Baseboards
  • Corner trim
  • Ceiling trim
  • Arched trim (if applicable)
  • Each of these is milled in convenient lengths to minimize waste and shaped for convenient installation. A log cabin just doesn’t seem inviting without a rustic interior. Knotty pine is the ideal wood for that rustic and relaxing appeal.Knotty Pine Rustic Wood Is Amazing

Choose the Style of Rustic Interior Trim and Molding

Leading log cabin suppliers sell many styles of rustic interior trim and molding to meet your needs. The styles range from basic flat to crown molding. Chose from these popular designs:

  • Half-log D-trims
  • Colonial, Three Bead, and Round-Over
  • Flat, Quarter Round, Cove
  • Crown molding

Choose the interior trim style to match the décor you desire – from a basic log cabin to a more elegant one with crown molding ceiling trim.

If you are not yet sure about the styles of molding and trim that are right for you, you can look online to get ideas. Additionally, you can visit a few homes to see the designs in person and settle on one that appeals to you. Work with your supplier to determine the correct amount of materials you need. Tip: Inside corner molding and outside corner molding are not the same. You will need both types of rustic molding and trim to complete the job.

Unfinished or Pre-Finished Rustic Wood Molding?

Unfinished or Pre-Finished Rustic Wood Molding?Which do you prefer – unfinished or pre-finished rustic wood molding? As you move through each section of this blog, you must narrow down your choices. Unfinished molding will need either a clear natural finish or stain with a clear finish. The question is, “Who will do it?”

Some people have the skills to do a fabulous job of applying stains and finishes. If you enjoy finishing wood projects then, by all means, tackle this yourself but if you want to save time, avoid cleaning up the mess, and eliminate the odors, let the factory do all of the work. Their technicians do a superb job of creating perfect wood products. When it arrives, simply measure it, cut it, and nail it up. Unfinished or pre-finished rustic wood molding it is your choice.

Amazing Tongue and Groove Rustic Paneling

Before we move on, we must outline the advantages of a tongue and groove rustic paneling for your walls and ceilings. This will be the surface to which you will attach molding and trim. Tongue and groove boards are not milled like ordinary boards, and they have many benefits, such as:Where to Find Rustic Interior Trim

  • Each board has a tongue milled on one side and a groove milled on the other side.
  • Paneling with the end-matching system also has a tongue on one end and a groove on the other end. These boards snap together on both the sides and ends for a tight fit.
  • T&G paneling joins tightly anywhere between the wall studs. There is no need to butt and nail them on studs.
  • They are precisely milled to stay flat when nailed to walls and ceilings.
  • Nail and screw heads are not seen because the boards hide them.
  • There are minimal cutting and waste with T&G paneling.

It’s easy to see why tongue and groove rustic paneling is easy to install, and why many choose such a material to help realize their rustic trim ideas for windows, walls, and ceilings.

Where to Find Rustic Interior Trim

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