Many homeowners have a room or two that no longer appeals to them. It may be a den, laundry room, basement or man cave. The colors may not be right, or drywall just isn’t doing anything for them anymore. Why not make your holidays brighter by removing the old wall material and installing Knotty Pine paneling? Thousands have made this transition and loved it. You can be one of them by installing this fantastic type of panel.

Knotty Pine is just what it sounds like – beautiful, colorful pine boards with all their knots and mineral streaks. High-quality wood contains knots that are still tight and don’t fall out. Each board is straight and free of defects. Its color is a combination of heart and sapwood that gives it the characteristic light and dark blends. Enjoy your knotty pine paneling this holiday season and every day to come.

Getting Started with This Knotty Pine Paneling Installation Project

Do you have the knowledge and skills to remove the old wall covering and replace it with Knotty Pine? If not, hire a carpenter who has remodeling experience. A contractor is not necessary for this job and will charge more for the work. Make your plans and take bids from three different carpenters. Go with the one recommended the highest by other people.

If you do have the knowledge and skills for the project, follow these initial guidelines: 

Make the Holidays Bright with Knotty Pine Paneling

  • Make complete plans for demolition of the old wall covering and your knotty pine paneling installation.
  • Determine the tools and materials needed, and place the order.
  • Order a few more boards than plans call for in case you make a few mistakes. 
  • Buy an appropriate nail gun if you do not have one.

Order tongue and groove wood panel boards with our end-matching technology for easier installation. Their paneling is defect free and more than competitively priced. It comes in widths of 4”, 5”, 6” and 8.” Don’t forget to order matching trims and molding.

Now the Work Begins: Demolition, Clean Up, and Installation

Before you begin removing the old wall covering, you should decide if you want to recycle any of it. If not, take it to the trash bin. Demolition consists of:

  • Removing the light switch and electrical outlet plates
  • Taking off the baseboards and any door or window molding
  • Removing nails, screws, or other fasteners used for hanging items.
  • Covering the floors with heavy-duty floor protection
  • Pulling the nails or back out screws holding the wall material
  • Carefully removing the wallboard material

Once you remove everything and clean up, you must determine if the existing insulation is adequate. If not it may need to be removed and replaced. If it is in good condition, leave it alone. Also, is there a moisture barrier present? If not, ask a professional carpenter if the walls need it.


Once demolition and clean-up are complete, inspect your order of Knotty Pine paneling and molding to make sure it’s all there, and it was not damaged during shipment. Next, get going on your knotty pine paneling installation.inspect your order of Knotty Pine paneling

  • Assemble your tools, nails, and paneling in the room.
  • Install the door and window trim first.
  • Start by placing the paneling on the walls from the bottom up.
  • Nail each board in place so the nail won’t show.
  • Saw paneling to length to fit around any doors or windows.
  • It is not necessary to butt the end joints on studs.

Tongue and groove paneling with the end-matching system is configured to lock tightly on both the sides and the ends. It fits together anywhere between studs. This system reduces labor and waste by up to 20%. It’s a marvel of modern carpentry work.

Now It’s Time to Apply Stain and/or a Clear Finish

After installing knotty pine paneling, someone must apply the stain color of your choice and/or a clear finish. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can order prefinished Knotty Pine paneling in a variety of colors. Consult with the Wood Workers Shoppe or your carpenter about finishing the raw wood if you decide to go that route.

Prefinished paneling saves a lot of time, and there is no mess to clean up. Nail it up, and it’s done! Prefinished wood from the millwork has a professionally applied, non-yellowing finish of your choice. No runs or sags will be present – in fact, it will look perfect. Take your pick of raw or finished Knotty Pine paneling and enjoy your new rooms. Get your knotty pine paneling installation project done before the holiday season is over and everyone will love it. Call (800) 818-9971) tollfree for your order of materials and get a fast turn around.