prefinished pine panelingSo you’ve been looking through our website, probably more than once, and you know that you absolutely love our interior wood panels. We can’t blame you; after all, what kind of person wouldn’t love it? You’re looking at some of the greatest craftsmanship the woodworking world has to offer and you know that you can have it right in your home if you want! Not only do we offer high-quality interior wood panels, but our wood paneling exhibits a warmth unlike anything you’re going to find with any other type of panels, especially drywall.

As you’re looking at the paneling however, you’re probably wondering just where to put it. You know you want a room full of beautiful interior wood panels, but which room? How should you go about it? Luckily we’ve put together a great compilation of wood paneling ideas so that you can decide which room you’d like to install our high-quality wood panels.

Prefinished Wood Paneling Ideas: Your Garage

When you think of outstanding interior design you more than likely aren’t thinking about your garage. It’s your garage, after all. It’s where your car lives, what can we say? The moment you come home you simply walk through it and never think about it again until the next morning. How much time do you actually spend out there? Well, the real question is how much time WOULD you spend out there if you actually enjoyed the aesthetic? If there were a set of warm wood paneled walls welcoming you rather than the cold drywall or cinderblock, then you might completely change your mind on the subject. It’s a great start and it could very well change your opinion of the space.

Your Basement Redefined

One of the interior wood paneling ideas that we recommend most frequently is a basement renovation. We tend to be big fans of basement spaces, to put it mildly. We absolutely love to see finished basements in a world where so many are left completely unfinished! A bit of carpet and the addition of rustic prefinished pine paneling can create an amazing space for entertainment among other things. Interior paneling is an amazing thing and you would be surprised at how well it can turn out if you just put some effort into it.

All the Way to the Barn

The house, both upstairs and down, is a great starting point for realizing your knotty pine paneling ideas, but why should you really stop there? It’s wood paneling, so why not give it a more rustic application? We know that just like the garage you don’t think of your barn as a particularly elegant place, but does that really have to be the reality of the situation? There is absolutely no reason you cannot add some character to your barn with our interior wood panels in order to make it a pleasant place to visit. If you’re spending a lot of time in there, why wouldn’t you want it to look nice, after all.

Rework your Home Office

The Woodworkers ShoppeThe last of our wood paneling ideas is a home office renovation. An office is a great place for some prefinished pine paneling. Sure it might not be conventional but we’re talking about your home office; do you really need to go the conventional route? You absolutely don’t have to, so don’t! Slap up some wood paneling and bring the ‘modernity’ down a few notches.

Pine panels for your home are an outstanding way to grant yourself the rustic look that you’ve always wanted, and you don’t even have to make major structural changes to accommodate it. The Woodworkers Shoppe is able to provide a plethora of great options that will suit your needs on virtually every level whether you’re working with the interior or the exterior. There are a ton of options for the interior including the paneling itself, mantles for the fireplace, artwork, trim, and much more. The bottom line here is that The Woodworkers Shoppe is able to provide you with plenty of options for realizing your knotty pine paneling ideas and getting your home, office, barn, or basement back to the basics of wood.