How to Incorporate Rustic Trim and Molding Ideas Into a Log Home

How to Incorporate Rustic Trim and Molding Ideas Into a Log Home

A log home needs matching rustic trim and molding to provide a complete log look and feel. Using conventional trim does not fit in with the outdoor décor of this type of home. The right rustic trim and molding ideas will give that relaxed feeling of bringing nature into a house or cabin.

Exterior Trim and Molding Ideas

Log siding homes need trim and molding on the outside for a complete job and to seal the joints. It should be made of comparable wood, high quality, and a finish that matches the siding. Use trim in these places:

  • Around doors
  • Around windows
  • Outline electrical boxes
  • Corner systems
  • For cathedral windows

Cedar and Pine trim coordinate well with all styles of log siding and profiles. Molding in smooth or hand-hewn finishes accent an already beautiful structure.

Trim/molding is cut to size and installed before applying the log siding. Once installed, the siding it butted flush against the trim. Use a thin beak of caulk to seal and finish the job.           

Two basic Quarter Log Siding trims are available. The one on the left is 2×6 D-Trim and the one on the right is 3×4 D-Trim. They differ in width and thickness, and either one looks great!           

These two Half Log Siding trims are the most popular styles for today’s log homes. As you can see, they more closely simulate full logs. The trim on the left is 3×6 D-Trim and the other is 4×4 D-Trim. Cedar and Pine trim in 2×6 and 3×6 provide a more detailed option of having the log siding butt into the trim with a chamfered edge. For interior applications, 2×6 trim can be used as casing or baseboard over drywall.

Leading millworks make custom log trims in larger sizes for specific applications. Examples are:

  • Cathedral windows
  • Cathedral doors
  • Arched windows
  • Arched door tops

Apply your choice of trim and log siding and stand back to take a look. Now you will have that rustic look and feel you have always wanted.

Interior Trim Ideas

We can’t forget to trim the interior of our log home. Take a look at these great looking interior wood trim options:

  • Half Log D-Trims 
  • 2×4 D-Trim and 2×6 D-trim – Use this trim for paneling or drywall in any room.
  • Colonial Trim Three Bead Round-over

All three of these trim molding styles can be used as rustic wood baseboards or casings around doors and windows. These Knotty Pine pieces can be enhanced with stain and a clear finish. The rustic appearance will be beautiful any way you do it!

Here are some other rustic trim and molding ideas you can incorporate into the interior décor. They will complete any further applications for trim and molding. There will be few if any, knots in this Pinewood to give it more strength.


  • Crown Mold & Colonial Chair Rail Ceiling Trim & 3 Beaded Chair Rail
  • Quarter Round, Cove & Base Shoe Outside & Inside Corner Trim Molding

Chair rail trim will protect your walls from chair backs. It will be easier to replace the dented chair railing than dents in the walls. Trim is needed at the junction of walls and ceilings. If you want to keep it simple you can go with basic trim shown above. If you want to add a more elegant touch use Crown Mold. Crown Mold stands away from walls and gives a 3-dimensional look.

Quarter round, cove, and base shoe can be added to baseboards, both at the top and the bottom. All corners, inside and outside, need the trim to complete the woodworking and to protect the corners.

Quality Counts in Every Piece of Trim and Molding

Quality Counts in Every Piece of Trim and MoldingIt pays to be selective when ordering Pine or Cedar trim and molding. Many DIY stores and lumber yards promise quality wood products. When you go there you will find that people have sorted through the stacks and picked out the best boards. Where does that leave you? Inferior quality just won’t do for a nice home.

The best plan of action is to order all of your wood products that meet the highest standards.

The trims and moldings should be kiln dried to the proper moisture content to prevent warping and bending out of shape. They need to remain flat in storage and shipping.

Each piece should be hand inspected to make sure it is free from defects. Only the best millworks provide this service for you.

Leading millworks cut all pieces to exacting widths, thicknesses, and lengths for uniformity. You won’t get odd sizes in the same shipment.

Put your trust is millworks that receive high reviews and rave testimonials.

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