What do you think of when you hear the words knotty pine? Most people will bring to mind the walls or closets covered in this material. You may think about cabins, summer camp, tourist gift shops, or other stores. The trend of using knotty pine paneling for walls has been growing steadily now for decades. It is hard to beat for walls and ceilings in log homes. The beauty and appeal of rustic home interior design has captured the hearts of thousands of people, and there is no end in sight.

Knotty Pine walls take us back to nature and simpler, less stressful times. Most of us lead hectic lives today, and some stress reduction would be sweet. Let’s explore some different pine wood wall paneling options. You will find one style that will strike your fancy!

  • Basic knotty pine
  • Weathered/Barn Wood pine
  • Beadboard pine
  • Pre-finished pine
  • Pre-stained pine

Each of these log home interior styles has its own attraction and fascination. All of this pine wood wall paneling looks great in log homes.

Basic Knotty Pine

Basic Knotty PineThe most popular type of pine wood wall paneling is traditional ¾” thick Knotty Pine in 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” widths. Its natural knots, mineral streaks, and dark lines look great with either a stain or clear finish. This version of pine is what most people have seen and admire.

Knotty Pine blends in with log siding like nothing else can. Use it for walls, ceilings, wainscoting, and kitchen islands. It’s an eye-popper for sure. Guests in your home will have something positive to say about your Knotty Pine walls, and it will be positive.

Weathered Pine

This type of pine wood wall paneling is preferable to recycled and reclaimed wood with all of their issues. Newly-made weathered pine is manufactured from pine and given a textured surface to “look old.” You will love it at first sight because it simulates older log homes. You will find it in 6” and 8” widths and in convenient lengths.

This wood can be finished in various colors from gray to red to white and on and on. Its surface texture gives a 3-D appearance that catches your attention. Some companies call it barn board paneling. The leading companies finish this wood with an eco-friendly water-based low VOC finish that is entirely safe.

Beadboard Pine

The traditional way to use beadboard pine is wainscoting. The depiction above shows that it starts at the bottom of a wall and extends upward anywhere from 32” to 40.” The height is entirely up to you. Typical beadboard is 1”x4” size. Some homeowners like to install it diagonally all across walls.

Unique patterns such as a “V” shape or mixing vertical with horizontal directions can be amazing. Beadboard can also be placed on ceilings for a unique effect. Any way you use it will be a real treat.

Pre-finished Pine

This is a real time saver – nail it up, and you’re done. Pre-finished pine paneling from the

WoodWorkers Shoppe has “a high-quality finish that is sealed on the face and all edges. It eliminates any unsightly shrink lines as opposed to finished applied in the field.”

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble by letting the millwork do the finishing. Their factory applied finish is very durable and non-yellowing. It dries to a satin sheen that is glassy smooth. Two coats, instead of one, are applied to each piece of pine wood wall paneling. This manufacturer puts a furniture finish on every board. You can’t do any better than that.

Why Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling with End-Matching is Superior

Why Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling with End-Matching is SuperiorDo you remember the “old days” when pine boards came in 12’-16’ lengths? They were clumsy to carry around and had to be cut to butt together on a stud. There was a lot of waste material and a lot of wasted labor. Convenient lengths and tongue and groove with end-matching boards solve all of that.

Tongue and groove panels are specially cut on all sides and ends to lock together. They join anywhere between studs for convenient and easy installation. The joints are tight and solid with no give. This configuration has another advantage. It helps keep the boards straight and flat – something old style boards could not do. This marvel has become an industry standard.

Find What You Need at America’s Leading Log Home Products Millwork

Pine wood wall paneling is easy to find. Quality pine paneling is more challenging to locate. Local lumber yards and home improvement stores get a lot of bad wood these days. If you have ever been to one and picked through boards, you will know what we mean. So many of them are crooked, twisted, bowed, and warped in general that’s it’s hard to find a few good ones. Try to find that same paneling a year from now at those home centers. Most chances are that you won’t because they switch suppliers over and over.

The WoodWorkers Shoppe won’t let you down. Each piece of paneling ordered is specially kiln-dried, and hand inspected for quality. You won’t get any seconds in any shipment. View their online variety of paneling and trim, and you will catch glimpses of the best paneling available today.