Save Time with Pre-Finished Knotty Pine Paneling     

Knotty Pine paneling looks rustic and cozy with or without a finish. Almost everyone decides to stain or put a clear coat of varnish on Knotty Pine. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort purchasing prefinished knotty pine paneling. Just cut it to size, nail it up, and you’re done.

Prefinished knotty pine paneling provides a real log cabin look when installed on ceilings and walls. When you buy pre-finished boards you will enjoy these advantages:

  • Prefinished knotty pine paneling can be installed faster.
  • You don’t have to finish them yourself or hire a painter
  • There is no stain or varnish mess to clean up.
  • The Woodworkers Shoppe has more colors to choose from than you will find in a Home Center store.
  • Panels are evenly finished with no runs or streaks.
  • The panels dry in clean factory conditions, and nothing settles in the finish.
  • The paneling is consistently finished from one board to the next.

Save Time with Pre-Finished Knotty Pine Paneling     

We apply a high-quality finish on all sides and edges of our paneling boards. No shrink likes appear, and the finish looks perfect. The paneling surfaces are durable, non-yellowing, and satin sheen in appearance. The finish looks glassy smooth because the boards are sanded before applying the finish and between the first and second coats. The result is a fine- furniture surface that shines beyond its cost.

Some homeowners don’t like to stain or paint. Others have allergies and get headaches when using finishing materials. Staining your own paneling in humid weather takes longer and causes a lingering odor in your home. Avoid these issues by using pre-stained and/or pre-finished products. Prefinished knotty pine paneling is a real time saver for your home, office, or retail store.

How The Woodworkers Shoppe Will Help You Select Knotty Pine

You don’t have to make all of the finishing decisions for your Knotty Pine paneling alone. The Woodworkers Shoppe’s staff are experts in wood and finishing products. Here’s how they can help:

  • They will ship any samples of unfinished wood you request.
  • Their advice is invaluable in selecting the right finishes.
  • You can order paneling samples that are stained or stained and varnished.
  • Custom colors can be mixed if you don’t like the standard finishes.
  • Their staff can assist you with coordinating colors of walls, ceilings, and furnishings.

The finish applied by The Woodworkers Shoppe technicians will look better than what the average person can do on their own. If you are on a tight schedule, ordering prefinished knotty pine paneling can be a life-saver.

Benefits of Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine Paneling

Using tongue and groove Knotty Pine paneling is another way to save time, effort, and some frustration. The way this paneling is milled is fascinating. Both the sides and the ends of boards have tongue and groove cuts that lock the boards together. The end cuts are called end-matching and allow boards to be butted together between studs.

Benefits of Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine Paneling

This illustration shows how this system works. The tongues and grooves are precisely cut that allow boards to fit tightly together with no cracks or gaps. This process makes the boards lie flatter on walls and ceilings. Nails or screws do not show because they are hidden between the boards in the grooves.

The tongue and groove system is superior to nailing or screwing boards to the walls and ceilings. Regular panels are cut and spliced to fit on studs to provide a nailing surface. This process wastes a lot of wood, takes more time to cut the boards, and increases the work in general. Why not speed up the process with tongue and groove Knotty Pine paneling?

Have You Considered Knotty Pine Beadboard Paneling?

Knotty Pine beadboard paneling is an option that appeals to many people. Beadboard has evenly spaced grooves on the surface of the paneling. The beads look like indentations that give it a unique appearance. This style of paneling is found in log cabins, log homes, country-style houses, and tourist attractions. It looks astounding on walls, as wainscoting, and on ceilings. Even some homeowners install it in their closets.


Mills typically cut beadboard paneling from 1”x 4” Knotty Pine wood. Most people apply it vertically, although some people prefer to install it horizontally or diagonally. Other people use their own creativity to add various patterns within the wallboards. Beadboard can be stained, varnished, or painted to suit your tastes.

Have You Considered Knotty Pine Beadboard Paneling?Beadboard has many applications in homes and businesses besides walls. It can be installed on:

  • Kitchen Islands
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Vanities and Closet Walls
  • Risers on Steps
  • The Insides of Pantries
  • Display Cases
  • Dressing Rooms

All of these applications can give a clean, cottage look and feel to your home. Use your own imagination to think of more uses for our prefinished wood wall paneling in your home, basement, garage, or business.