Smooth finish log siding is a favorite for log cabins and homes in the country and in the suburbs. There is another option that seems more natural and homey – hand peeled or hand hewn logs.

Our hand-peeled log siding is available in both Cedar and Pine. Either wood is perfect for cabins, cottages, and other structures. They transform a skeletal framework structure into a rustic and relaxing place to live or work.

Hand-peeled log siding works on exterior walls, interior walls, and for corner systems. If you want an all-around homey look and feel, you can’t go wrong with these artistically made logs. Use them for some or all walls inside your house and enjoy their aesthetic and tranquil benefits. 

Although some people use clapboard or shipboard siding on their exterior walls, the trend is fading into the past. Wood is in the “in” thing now, more so than stone, brick, concrete, steel, or vinyl imitation siding. Pine log siding is sustainable, which is a plus for those of you who are “green” minded. The trees are grown on carefully planned tree farms in the north and northeast states.

Why Our Hand-Peeled Log Siding Looks Authentic

Hand Peeled Log Siding and Peeled Logs Look Authentic

For one thing they are real wood logs, and are authentic trees from the forest. The bark is removed, and the logs are fashioned to look like they were hewn with an axe or other hand tools. By using them, you’ll think you’ve taken a trip to the past in the ‘way-back’ machine. During the millwork process, the technicians will hand inspect each and every piece for the highest quality craftsmanship possible, as shown here.

Every step is taken to ensure these siding logs conform to our company’s and the industry’s highest standards of wood quality and workmanship. We take no shortcuts in producing logs that are what you expect for your cabin, cottage, or home. They are made in convenient lengths, widths, and thicknesses to meet your preferences.

This hand-peeled log siding requires less maintenance than full logs and other log cabin siding makers. You will enjoy these accompanying benefits with our products:

  • No face nailing, and fast installation
  • Does not require caulking in between joints
  • No waste, easy to handle
  • Having no warped materials to worry about.
  • Little to no cracking or splitting
  • Stain and clear finish are easily applied

Feast your eyes on all these creative ways to use hand peeled logs in your cabin.

Hand Peeled Log Siding Makes the Grade

You will be interested to know about the features of hand peeled log siding, and how it’s installed on exterior and interior walls. Here’s what you will like about it:Hand Peeled Log Siding Makes the Grade

  • Each one has tongue and groove with end-matching features that lock them together solidly anywhere between the wall studs.
  • Unlike other styles, there’s no need to end-butt them on studs.
  • It is designed and engineered for fast and easy installation with screws.
  • The quality and beauty of our log wood siding are unsurpassed in the industry.
  • It is commonly used in the renovation of man caves, family rooms, and basements.

Any way you look at it, hand-peeled log siding is a superior product because it has high insulation properties, is durable, and can be used with a wide variety of stain colors and finishes. Use matching trims and molding to accompany the logs for a complete job. Use them around doors, windows, under eaves, around kitchen islands, and inside and outside corners. Log siding is available in pre-stained for exterior use, and pre-finished with polyurethane for interior use.

Hand Peeled Logs Suit Many Purpose

Add even more authenticity to your log cabin or home with peeled log posts and accessories.

Dress up your home with any of these design ideas using our peeled log posts:

  • Posts of Log and Log Stairways
  • Log Trusses (decorative and structural)
  • Log Post  and Log Beam Covers
  • Knotty Pine Timbers and Log Rafters
  • Support Beams and Log Perlins

bedrooms with log cabin essentials log cabin porches dens and living rooms in log cabin homes      

         Bedrooms                                         Porches                                 Dens &Living Rooms

As you can see, peeled log posts add a real log cabin charm to your home or business. You will find them in lengths of 8 feet and up in 2-foot increments. Typically pricing is based off the top (smallest) diameter of the logs. Support beam covers are perfect for basement posts. We can make log covers for laminated and steel posts and beams. Half log mantles add the perfect touch to any fireplace, and log arch entrances are ideal for long driveways.

Order Them: Don’t Fashion Them Yourself

Attempting to hew your own logs is strenuous and time-consuming work. Don’t try to fashion them yourself when you can order them online at affordable prices. The WoodWorkers Shoppe is the place to find all the log products in this blog. All our Pine and Cedar items are the highest quality on today’s market. We create all of them with our customers in mind, and they are very pleased with the craftsmanship. Call 800-818-9971 today with your questions, and order your hand-peeled log siding, peeled log posts, and accessories soon.