Log homes with second floors can have great-looking quality stairways and steps built at fair prices. Pine and cedar stairways, railings, and steps not only look rustic, but they are also sturdy and will last for generations. They are also ideal for log homes with basements. They can even be fitted with chair lifts for those with limited climbing abilities.

Hand-crafted custom stairway systems look super and can be ordered to your exact specifications and dimensions. Be sure to leave enough space in your building plans to accommodate them for second floors and basements. Both knotty pine and cedar can be stained to your choice of colors or left their natural color and covered with clear coat.

Types of Log Home Stairways

Log home stairways and steps are not limited to one style for all homes. There are five favorites in pine and cedar you may want to consider that provide flexibility in your plans, including:

  • Knotty Pine Molded Railing
  • Knotty Pine Rustic Stair Railings
  • Cedar Log Railings
  • Timber Style Railings
  • Natural Log Stairs

The best mills use properly kiln-dried knotty pine and cedar woods that stay dimensionally stable. This best-practice process keeps shrinking and expanding issues at a minimum. All styles can be left in their natural appearance and finished with a clear coat to clearly show the wood’s characteristics. You may opt for staining them in your favorite colors and adding a final clear coat.

Types of Log Home Steps

Just like stairways, log steps are milled in more than one style to fit your preferences. Steps and stairways are available for both interior and exterior use. The railings are attached to either round or square sturdy posts to provide ample support for the steps. Risers are milled to accept either half-round or flat steps made of pine or cedar.

When ordering steps, make sure they are wide enough for foot traffic and moving furniture or appliances up and down the stairs. Chair lifts and other types of hand holds can be attached to the walls in addition to stairway railings for the disabled.

Stairway safety tips should always be used at home or at work.

“Pine and cedar stairways, railings, and steps not only look rustic, but they are also sturdy and will last for generations.”

Materials for Log Home Stairways

Knotty pine and cedar stairway systems are not only popular among log homeowners, but they are also affordable. The beauty of these systems is they blend in with pine or cedar log siding and paneling. These woods have enduring qualities and characteristics that make them just stand out in a log home:

  • Both have more than adequate strength and durability for superior stairways
  • Their appearance is rustic with dark knots and beautiful grain
  • They hold nails, screws, and other fasteners well
  • Pine is a sustainable wood from trees grown on tree farms
  • Both are easy to work for sanding, drilling, and finishing

Natural colors or stains can be mixed or matched to fit each log home’s décor, and you cannot find better complementary wood products.

Determine the Sizes for Log Home Stairways

Quality-made log stair systems come complete with full log stringers and half-log treads for your convenience. Stringers and treads typically come in standard sizes but can be ordered for extra high ceilings or floors. Provide us with floor-to-floor measurements and we will send a cost estimate in most cases.

Stairways and steps are available in the same woods for entry-ways into your log home and for decks and patios. Our log home specialists will assist you with determining the size and amount of materials for your projects. These stairways are installed the same way conventional ones are put into place. It will be easy for a carpenter or contractor to attach them to wood supports.

Quality Stairways, Steps, and Railings Online

The WoodWorkers Shoppe mills the finest quality wood stairways, steps, and railings found online. We build them to your specifications for a perfect fit for internal and external use. Each piece is hand-inspected to provide the assurance of fine craftsmanship you expect. 

Discuss the choice of woods with one of our log home specialists if you are uncertain about the selection. They will also answer your questions about log siding, log trim, paneling, flooring, and interior trim.

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