Those delicious aromas don’t come from a log home’s den – they come from the favorite room in the house. A Kitchen is known as the heart of a home and there are good reasons for this.

  • Our favorite foods and meals are prepared there
  • It is a great place to socialize with family and friends
  • Many say life is ‘lived’ in the kitchen
  • It not only fuels our bodies, it fuels our minds and souls
  • An open concept extends a kitchen into a dining and other areas

Much of our personal ideas of a kitchen depend on its size, usefulness, coziness, and budget. There are two typical approaches to creating a kitchen layout. One is to build the log home around the size and shape of the desired kitchen. Two is more of an afterthought by making the kitchen fit the size and shape of a space. Looking at five favorite log home kitchen layouts will provide a better perspective for your building or remodeling plans.

Log Home Kitchen: The Galley Layout

Log Home Kitchen LayoutsThe galley kitchen layout is simple and efficient when a kitchen is narrow and long. It offers two workstations on opposing walls with a walkway between them. It works for both log cabins and log homes. A wider walkway opens up the space for an island made to your specifications.

This layout style works great when you install major appliances on opposite walls and:

  • Locate the stove on the left wall and the refrigerator on the right
  • Experience easy access to them without traffic jams when in use
  • Place the sink and dishwasher next to each other
  • Leave plenty of counter space for food prep
  • Arrange cabinets and shelves for efficient use

A galley layout can easily open up on the end of a side into a den, dining area, or great room.

Log Home Kitchen: L-Shape

An L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts for a log home. It comes with some practical benefits that you may enjoy, including:

  • Workspaces on two adjoining walls running perpendicular to each other
  • Plenty of room for two people to prepare and/or cook food
  • A large kitchen has room for an island for a workspace or eating area
  • An L-shaped kitchen traditionally opens into another room – great for entertaining
  • Creation of an open concept that lets guests feel a part of the work or entertaining
  • Typically enough room for the homeowner to be part of the conversation

Next up is the most basic layout of all – the one-wall kitchen.

“A Kitchen is known as the heart of a home and there are good reasons for this. Much of our personal ideas of a kitchen depend on its size, usefulness, coziness, and our budget.”

One-Wall Log Home Kitchen Is Easy

Log Home Kitchen LayoutsThe one-wall kitchen layout works for any size log home or kitchen and is especially suited for a small kitchen. Everything is installed on one long wall that exhibits these advantages:

  • Efficiency for everyday use
  • Provides an open, airy look and feel
  • This simple layout is easily maneuvered

This layout has a couple of cons you must consider. One is that cabinet and counter space may be limited. You must be creative in designing cabinet and shelving areas because of this. Also, the refrigerator should be placed so the door opens away from the sink and stove.

Log Home Kitchen: U-Shape

Log Home Kitchen LayoutsThe square U-shape works for both large and small log home kitchens. It is built on three walls to increase storage space and make the area more functional. You can enjoy these benefits:

  • More storage and countertop space
  • More room for cabinets, shelving, and pantry
  • An efficient workspace for food prep
  • Appliances can be spaced farther apart

One drawback is this layout is not conducive to an open-concept kitchen unless one or two walls are open.

G-Shape Log Home Kitchen

The G-shape kitchen is an offshoot of the U-shape kitchen with its advantages and the addition of a peninsula-style fourth wall area. The extra space allows these conveniences:

  • Extra counter and storage space
  • Room for a second sink or cooktop stove
  • Allows two work triangles
  • Room for two cooks with two work triangles
  • Room for a breakfast bar eating space
  • A pass-through area for entertaining

This layout is versatile for customizing to meet your individual needs. One drawback like the U-shape holds is not being conducive to an open concept unless one or two walls are open.

We hope these kitchen layout ideas will help with your log home kitchen plans. Some fantastic rustic kitchen cabinets and lighting are available to fit your kitchen and home décor.

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