knotty pine beadboard panelingKnotty Pine Beadboard Paneling

Picture this: you’re in a little log cabin, deep in the woods and cozy against your loved one in front of a fire. The blizzard rages on outdoors, but you’re perfectly content talking with your companion, or reading a book in the firelight. The log cabin is beautiful and old-fashioned, but keeps the chill out and allows you to look out the window at the blizzard comfortably. Does that sound good? For those of us that love the old-fashioned rustic look of a log cabin in the woods, there is an option other than actually purchasing a log cabin in the woods. At The Woodworkers Shoppe, you’ll be able to transform your home into an era before us, when everything was crafted by hand and homes were built from felled logs. With products like our pine beadboard, that dream log cabin can be yours in no time!

Log Cabin?

Alright, so no one really wants an actual log cabin. Logs aren’t good for insulation, there’s all sorts of holes where they don’t lay flat, and getting a good seal is almost impossible. However, you don’t have to give up your dream just because you don’t want to live in what amounts to a shed. The Woodworkers Shoppe has pine beadboard paneling stocked to give your home the image of log walls! You can still have your plaster and dry wall and insulation, but from the outside, it’ll look just like you built the home from logs! Get your log cabin without needing to change out more than the pine beadboard wall paneling.

Rustic Beauty

Everyone loves to reference a wooden chair as “rustic,” even if it’s in a super modern home. If you’re in love with the rustic and old-fashioned looks, interior wooden trim can be perfect for your home. Frame the doorways and windows with memories of a more nature-oriented time, complete with a simple stain for a longer-lasting beauty. Knotty pine wood trim comes in various cuts and lengths to fit whatever you want to trim. We can even offer custom arch trim for circular windows, whether you want pine beadboard trim on the inside of your home or the outside.

Hand Built Home

No one expects you to build your own home from scratch, but it’s easy to get that look now, with our knotty pine wood paneling! Our paneling is beautifully crafted to fit together with tongue and groove connections, and is easy to install. They come in 8-foot random lengths that are easy to set up in various stretches to get the look you want. Stagger the edges of it to create a more cohesive look, and then gloat about it in front of your friends when you come home to a beautiful interior. It’s easy to use our pine beadboard paneling, and it can cut down on material waste and labor in the end!

Other Uses

Not a huge fan of having wood siding on your home, or wooden paneling in your room? There are plenty of other uses for pine beadboard paneling that can make a picturesque scene! We definitely recommend paneling in a garage, or on a barn, or even in your workshop. It can give your barn a new life by utilizing paneling that doesn’t rot away in one year, or can make a man cave look that much more manly. Make it a hunting lodge without actually having to hunt, or make your home office more professional and cultured. There are many different options for paneling and trim, and they can all make a great finishing touch.

Why the Woodworkers Shoppe?

knotty pine wood panelingIf you’re thinking about getting some lumber and paneling your home, you could absolutely go to the nearest home improvement store and grab some lumber in the clearance section. It’s not the best choice, but it can be done. However, we recommend looking at our selection of pine beadboard paneling in order to achieve the look you want. We have beautifully crafted wood dried in our own kilns and provided with the promise of good quality, and all at an extremely affordable price. We offer amazing customer service, and are here to answer any questions you might have. Need a custom order? We’re the ones to call! We do custom orders, custom finishing, and custom staining, depending on what you want your project to look like.

The next time you find yourself pining for a time long before you, consider visiting The Woodworkers Shoppe to take a look at our pine beadboard paneling and trim. With our wood, you can build a simple but verdant room, home, apartment, barn, workshop, or wherever else you wish to make your refuge. Forget about pining for the rustic past, bring that old-fashioned look inside without giving up on your modern comforts. Enjoy the best pine beadboard paneling at The Woodworkers Shoppe, and visit our store to start your order!