Many log home bathrooms look too modern for some homeowners. There are many things you can do if you want to add more rustic appeal. Some vintage features and amenities can be put in the building plans or a remodeling project. Log home living is all about a sense of warmth and retreat compared to our fast-paced way of living.

Some favorite ideas for adding more rustic appeal are using natural materials, adding live plants or fresh flowers, and staining with earthy tones. Other popular décor touches include homey touches, and antique fixtures and hardware. You are only limited by your creativity.

Use Natural Materials In A Log Home Bathroom

Log home and cabin bathrooms are often finished with painted drywall. They can reflect a more rustic décor by using natural materials like wood paneling, stone showers, or wood-beam ceilings. These elements help bring the outside in and give these rooms a natural, earthy feel.

Adding a small wooden bench or stool to sit on while putting on shoes, brushing your hair, or relaxing is a nice touch. Coordinate them with a small wooden table for displaying toiletries, towels, or washcloths. Add a full-length mirror with a rustic wood frame when trying out new clothes, shoes, or handbags. A stone floor with a coordinated color will bring out more of nature’s charm.

Add Live Plants Or Fresh Flowers

An easy way to bring more of nature into a bathroom is placing one or more live plants in planters placed on the floor. Another way is keeping fresh flowers on the vanity or a small table. Their array of colors and aromas add a special touch more than the smell of soap or room deodorizer. Flowers can also have these positive effects on us:

Boost our energy Feed compassion
Boost our mood Improve air quality
Brighten room décor Increase happiness
Decrease stress Promote productivity

Some types of flowers are relatively inexpensive to buy if you don’t want to grow your own.

“Some vintage features and amenities can be put in the building plans or a remodeling project.”

Use Earthy Tones In A Log Home Bathroom 

Earthy tones or colors also have numerous positive effects on us. Colors such as muted greens, deep browns, warm grays, and copper can create a rustic, soothing, and grounded atmosphere. They reflect the tones of nature and help create a peaceful and inviting place.

Earthy tones that reflect natural materials such as wood, stone, leather, brick, or jute are just a few examples of what you can add to bathrooms. The bathroom is the place where most people start and end their days. The right colors help get us ready for the day and help us wind down in the evening. Try some sample color cards from the store to match the tones for your personal needs.

Add Homey Touches To A Log Home Bathroom

Placing a few simple décor items in the bathrooms can create more rustic and welcoming areas. You can make them yourself, shop at antique stores, or order online. Some ideas include:

  • Colorful candles
  • Antique wall décor
  • Baskets with special items
  • Unique towels and washcloths
  • Wood pegs for hanging clothes
  • Hand-made soap
  • Colorful throw rugs
  • Mirror frames made from pine wood

If one of your bathrooms has no window, lighten up the room with whitewash stain on the wood-paneled or log walls. Good lighting and brighter décor also brighten up the space. Use daylight bulbs that add brighter lighting that simulates a sunny day.

Add Antique Fixtures And Hardware

Adding antique or vintage fixtures and hardware can add a lot of rustic touches to bathrooms. There are so many items on today’s market to choose from, including:

  • Old-style faucets, shower heads, and tub spouts
  • Antique bathtubs and sinks
  • Vintage vanity hinges, knobs, and handles
  • Hand-crafted lighting fixtures
  • Antique colors for fixtures

Other items you can install are metal or wood soap trays, hand-crafted towel rods or rings, and tissue holders. Think about different colors of metals such as brass, nickel, bronze, copper, dark gold, or black. Explore your options online and surf your way to the ideal fixtures and hardware.

Try Pine Cabinetry And Doors That Say “Walk In”

Besides knotty pine walls, ceilings, and floors, consider pine cabinetry and rustic doors. Try favorite décor items for large or small bathrooms, such as:

  • Standard or custom-made vanities
  • Unique vanity countertops
  • Cabinets and shelves made from pine
  • Old-style pine doors add a special touch

Cabinetry and doors can be stained in a myriad of colors to enhance your bathroom décor. Colors can vary from a light whitewash to a darker bronze walnut. Display and store your items on low shelves, a linen closet, stacked cabinets, a closet, or overhead shelves. Discover some amazing knotty pine doors for entry and closet doors that will take you back in time

There are many ways to create a rustic bathroom in log homes that can be simple and cost-effective. We hope some of the ideas we have presented will work for you.

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