If you want to build a log home or log cabin with pine log siding, there are some excellent brands on the market. There are also some low-quality products available that are not worth the cost. It’s important to look for the best characteristics of this wood so you can make the wisest choice of siding.

Pine log siding is also used to convert an existing house or cabin to a log structure. The siding can be installed over some materials, or the old siding must be removed first. There are several options to look for in building a new home or converting an existing one with log siding. They include the profile size, smooth surface or hand-hewn, and unfinished or pre-finished siding. Keep reading and you will see what to look for in this amazing material.

Quality In Pine Log Siding

You should look for high-quality siding that has been kiln-dried for the correct moisture content which helps its stability and accept stain better. It should be hand-inspected to be defect-free and have properly planed and sanded surfaces.

Quality pine log siding is made from red pine also called Norway pine. It is pre-sanded at the mill so you won’t need to. It should not have any splinters, chipped, or rough places on the front or back sides. The best has the tongue and groove/end-matching (T&G) design on the bottom, top, and both ends to create tight-fitting joints.

Appearance In Pine Log Siding

The best log siding has varying grain patterns that look attractive for almost any application.  Its grain adds a sophisticated look to each piece of siding. The dark knots are appealing and they should not fall out when handling the wood. Check out these qualities:

  • Colors vary from golden yellow to creamy white and sometimes light brown
  • The surface is smooth to handle even the hand-hewn style
  • Quality log siding provides the full log look without the full log price.

“It’s important to look for the best characteristics of this wood so you can make the wisest choice of siding.”

Sustainable Pine Log Siding  

When you buy pine log siding made from select grade trees, you are making a sustainable decision. In many forested areas once these trees are cut down, they are replanted for future generations to use for their building needs. The T&G design creates a virtually “no-waste” product that does not end up in a landfill. You are helping to save the environment when you buy this siding, corner logs, and log trims.

A Variety of Sizes And Profiles

The best companies provide more than two options of sizes and shapes. You should choose a company that provides these choices:

  • Quarter Log in 2×6 and 2×8
  • Half Log in 3×6 and 3×8
  • Premier Log in 3×8 and 3×10
  • Hand-Hewn in all sizes
  • Unfinished and Pre-finished

Pine is a lighter-weight material and easy material to work with including sawing, drilling, sanding, and staining. Buying log siding to fit your needs is better than buying a log home kit.

Affordability Is Important

With today’s prices, you want to save on building materials any way you can. Pine log siding is more cost-effective than hardwoods, cedar, fir, or cypress. You can expect to pay only 50% to 75% of the cost of these wood products with knotty pine. Pine will also hold up just as well over the years when properly stained, sealed, and maintained. Pricing is also more affordable if you choose to install knotty pine paneling on the inside walls or ceilings instead of hardwoods.

Strength And Durability

Knotty pine has strength, stability, and durability for log siding use. It will not expand or contract much compared to some other types of wood. These qualities are important because the joints are stable in that they do not move or pull apart like full log joints can.

The strongest and most durable pine log siding will have a minimal number of knots. Don’t buy any that have huge knots or a lot of smaller ones grouped together because they create a weak place in the siding at that point that might break.

When stained and sealed well when first installed, your paneling will withstand the weather and elements quite well. Just maintain it over the years by cleaning and restaining/sealing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Unfinished Or Pre-Finished

The better log siding businesses offer both unfinished and pre-finished pine log siding. Unfinished requires you or a painter to apply the stain/sealant product. Pre-finished siding arrives ready to install. Just put it up and you’re done. It is professionally finished in a perfect condition that saves a lot of time and energy. Use it if you are in a hurry or the weather is too cold. The most popular siding colors are illustrated above.

Corner Systems And Log Trim

Log siding needs a corner system and log trim installed before the siding goes on. Optional styles and sizes are available to coordinate with the siding profile/size you purchase. It is the same high quality as any of our wood products.

You will never be sorry for buying the best quality building materials you can afford. The results will be phenomenal and something you will be proud to own for generations.

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