If you like the natural characteristics of knotty pine floors, you’ll be happy to know that cabinets can also be made of the same material. You can enjoy several styles of high-quality kitchen cabinetry that complement pine floors.

Pine cabinets are available in standard and custom-built sizes at affordable prices. In case you haven’t seen them in homes, online, or on display in stores, check them out and you will be amazed. They are gorgeous and can be stained in colors of your choice or finished with several coats of a clear finish.

The Best Knotty Pine Cabinets

The best knotty pine cabinets are not found in DIY or home improvement stores. If they were, they would be very expensive. The good news is hand-crafted custom-built pine cabinets can be ordered online at affordable prices. These cabinets are made to customer specifications and layouts to meet your needs.

Skilled craftsmen select the finest materials by hand inspecting the wood and components for quality and beauty. Cabinetry can be ordered in both standard sizes or customized at no additional cost. The construction of the best cabinets consists of:

  • Solid-wood frames, doors, and drawers
  • Sturdy ¾” birch ply-box construction
  • Dovetail drawer joinery
  • 120-pound drawer slides
  • High-quality hinges
  • Professional finishes

The three favorite styles of cabinets include Panel, Log and Panel, and Hand-Hewn. The best manufacturers create gorgeous cabinetry that will last for generations.

Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Before ordering cabinets, you must select a kitchen layout including its size. The key to a successful kitchen layout is its efficiency. Make it easy to access the stove, sink, refrigerator, and work areas by limiting your steps. The workflow of prepping food, cooking, cleaning, and storing will be effective. The six kitchen layouts meet virtually everyone’s needs and include:

  • U Shape – The kitchen is based on three connected walls
  • Galley – Everything is on two opposing walls
  • L-Shape – The kitchen is created on two adjoining corner walls
  • Island – Typically an L-shape with a large island
  • Peninsula – A U-shape kitchen with one extended counter
  • Single Wall – Everything is along one wall

The L-shapes kitchen layout pictured here is the most popular today. A kitchen layout is a personal choice that meets your needs and budget. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your kitchen, carefully consider your current and future needs.

“If you like the natural characteristics of knotty pine floors, you’ll be happy to know that cabinets can also be made of the same material.”

Styles of Kitchen Knotty Pine Cabinets

Once you’ve selected a kitchen layout and set your budget, it’s time to choose a style of knotty pine cabinets. These three styles are favorites for any style home or cabin:

  • Log and Panel – Log and panel cabinet doors have a shallow D-frame on the front. The fronts of drawers are made in a D-shape log.
  • Raised Panel – Flat panel cabinet doors are a standard in kitchen design. They feature a recessed panel with a flat frame on top. The drawer fronts are flat with rounded edges.
  • Hand-Hewn – Hand-hewn cabinets have three D-shape logs on the door fronts and the fronts of drawers are made in a D-shape log. The logs look like they were hewn by hand with an axe or adze tool.

Knotty pine cabinets are prized for their dark knots, color, grain, and some mineral streaks. Both the upper and lower cabinets are easy to install with basic tools.

Measuring For Knotty Pine Cabinets

You will need a drawing, measurements, and photos of your proposed kitchen layout. Follow these steps for submission to the cabinet makers:

  • Draw a detailed sketch of your kitchen’s basic shape on paper
  • Add cabinets, doors, windows, and other features to the drawing
  • Label all major areas with letters A-F or more. Make a key off to the side on the drawing for each labeled area for showing measurements.
  • Measure each area as accurately as possible
  • Add the appliances to the sketch
  • Take pictures of your drawing and the real kitchen

As an alternative to a hand-drawn sketch, you can use a free online software program such as RoomSketcher.com to lay out your kitchen and cabinets.

What Else You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinets

You will never be sorry for buying the best quality cabinets you can afford. Inexpensive stock cabinets from retail stores tend to be only average quality and lacking in solid wood. Clean your knotty pine cabinets with a good oil soap. Use a damp, not water-soaked, cloth to clean and shine them.

Once each year, remove all contents from your cabinets, clean them inside, especially the shelves, and replace the contents. Good-looking trims and moldings are available if you want to place some around your cabinets.

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