If you’re remodeling your home, then you will have plenty of options available to you. While many people choose to go for the simple look of painted drywall, you can get much better results when you choose some more appealing materials. If you want the elegance of a classic finish, with contemporary convenience, then opting to go for wood paneling and rustic trim ideas will be a great move.

At The Woodworkers Shoppe, you can choose from a number of different wood trim molding products to match your siding or paneling, allowing you to create breathtaking interior spaces that will raise the value of your home and make it more comfortable to live in.

Matching Rustic Trim Ideas with Your Siding and Paneling Choices

Rustic Trim ideasIt’s possible to finish interior spaces without matching wood trim molding, but the truth is that the results just won’t look as impressive. If you want to be able to impress visitors and be proud of the home that you’re living in every day, then you’re going to need to get the right wood trim that fits in with the rest of your project. Our wood trim molding is relatively inexpensive and will tie a whole room together, adding a touch of handmade class that most homes are lacking.

If you’re thinking about using pine siding or paneling, then you can match your selection with interior knotty pine trim. There are a number of different wood trim styles that you can choose from, to match the overall look and feel that you want to create with your home. Base and casing can be used around windows, and colonial and three bead styles are two of the most popular choices. Depending on what you want to achieve, you could even combine styles to create unique looks. Your creativity is the only real limitation that you have when it comes to remodeling your home, so we make a point of providing a comprehensive range of knotty pine trim to meet any taste and style and bring your rustic trim ideas to life.

Your windows aren’t the only areas where you’ll want wood trim molding to finish up the look of your wooden home. Ceiling trim can be used in any room to create a more luxurious look. Inside and outside corners can be completed with matching pine pieces that will look right at home with your paneling or siding products. Simply take a look through our wood trim molding range, and you’ll see just how easy it can be to complete the look of any room in your home. We even offer specialist pieces to fit light installations and electrical outlets. When you pay attention to detail with knotty pine wood trim and molding pieces, your home will have the master craftsman’s touch that is reminiscent of some of the finest log homes and lodges built throughout history.

Custom Finished Pieces for Your Rustic Trim Ideas

Do you want to create striking contrast that makes your home truly unique? You don’t necessarily need to match finishes when you are using knotty pine wood trim. Whether you’re using rustic red stain, the look of varnished pine, or even barn wood trim, you can use contrasting trim pieces in the stain of your choice. Choosing complementary stains can allow you to create features out of windows and door frames, allowing for accents that are simply not available when you choose other basic remodeling materials. If you’re only familiar with the overused and often tacky wood paneling products of the 1970s and 80s, then you will be genuinely surprised when you see what is possible with modern materials.

Natural Pine Materials for Long Life

Rustic Trim ideasWhether you’re choosing barn wood ceiling trim, or rustic wall trim, choosing pine products will mean that you’re getting the best combination of affordability and durability.In its natural state, pine is slightly less resilient than some materials, such as cedar. However, we have expertly milled, kiln dried, and treated all of our pine wood trim molding and other products so that they will provide decades of life in any home.

In most cases, modern pine products will last the lifetime of your home, and potentially beyond your generation. Best of all, pine is a sustainable material so you will feel good about using ethical wood on your next home remodeling project.

Start browsing our wood trim molding range today, or contact us for more information or other rustic trim ideas for your home. No matter which wood trim styles you’re deciding between, you’ll love the look and feel of natural wood, and with some great rustic trim ideas you will be able to create lasting interior spaces that are as timeless as they are naturally beautiful.