Log SidingWhen it comes to log siding, a lot of thought is often given to the exterior of the home, but who ever considers the interior? The inside of the house is just as important as the outside and if you are here, then there is a good chance you already know that. That being said, we consider ourselves to be the best place for log siding interior design, and with good reason. Once you take a look at the interior log paneling that we have to offer, we believe that you will wholeheartedly agree.

Log Siding – A Great Interior Choice

Let’s face it, the interior of your home could look modern, and it could look pretty sleek, but really, what fun is that? There is nothing quite as good as the old rustic look and when you see the available options, we’re pretty sure that you are going to agree. When it comes to these types of interior siding, you could go so far as to prepare your own logs and install your own siding, but there is a significant advantage over not only the manual method. Our interior log paneling features a unique interlocking design that makes the installation incredibly simple. Not only is this more convenient, it also serves to prevent a significant amount of waste that you might have had with other bands.

Choosing your Wood

log siding designYour interior log siding solution can come in many different styles, the two major materials in our portfolio being  either Pine or Cedar. Both of these have been hand hewn for the purpose of giving them a more authentic look. Along with that, you will find that there are many corner options, ensuring that your home will both look rustic and be durable on the inside. Our quality interior log paneling is offered at a fair and affordable price which is something that other home interior log siding companies simply do not offer. Our greatest benefits are:

  • No Face Nailing
  • No Caulking
  • No Waste
  • No Cracking
  • No Splitting

As with most places that do interior log siding we do offer pre-stained log siding, meaning you will have even less work to do. We offer Perma-Chink’s Ultra-2 or Ultra-7 which saves you both time and money. We are without a doubt the best log siding company for interior design, and it won’t be long before you have the interior you really want. Start looking at our interior log paneling today and imagine what the interior of your home would look like in an old rustic style – you’re bound to like it, we guarantee it.