wood siding and exterior trimIf you’re lucky enough to live in an area that’s not governed by a Homeowners’ Association then there’s a good chance you’ve given some thought to the exterior of your home, and why not? If you’re tired of that same old vinyl look then you’re probably thinking of trying something a bit different which you are absolutely entitled to do. You have lots of different choices when it comes to exterior home accessories, but how far do you want to take it exactly? There are some homeowners who go the brick route, but if you’re looking to try something a bit more uncommon, then wood siding and outdoor trim might be what you’re going for. Remember, the bottom layers of a residential home are all the same, from the plywood siding  to the Tyvek insulation, but what the house actually looks like? The ball is definitely going to be in your court there.

Make your House Look Amazing with Wood Siding and Outdoor Wood Trim

The rustic look is definitely one everyone is going for, especially now that it’s easier to achieve. You don’t have to run out into the woods, cut your own logs, and install them, hoping for the best. What you can have with our product is an exterior look that comes without sacrificing the integrity and comfort of a modern house. In other words you don’t have to discard the insulation, and you don’t have to get rid of the plywood – it’s all still there underneath, you just have to dress it up the way you want, and you have plenty of options! In this case, log siding and exterior wood trim is definitely the style you want.

First of all, we offer several different options and most importantly 2×6 & 2×8 quarter log, 3×6 & 3×8 half log and 3×8 & 3×10 premier log which will make the house stand out.

While these are examples of unfinished log siding pieces we do offer finished for those who know what look they want, and wish to get their house put together as quickly as possible. Getting the exterior of your home in shape has never been easier with our outdoor wood trim, wood siding, and other log home accessories.

Inside the House

wood siding and exterior trimThe outside of your house is a great place to start but eventually you will want to move on to your interior and there are plenty of things to do! From knotty pine crown molding to the various other indoor fixtures, we’ve got all the log home accessories you need.

Post CoversYou want to outfit the entirety of your home with log paneling, but you can’t stop with the walls; there are a ton of other fixtures in your home that you need to cover, which is why we sell post covers which are capable of taking care of the posts in your home. The basement, for example, more than likely has several support posts that need to be covered, and our products can take care of that for you.

Rafter CoversThese covers are a more inexpensive solution for replacing a steel rafter with a wood header beam. These covers will slide directly over your rafters, allow them to fit in with the new home aesthetic. It’s a great solution and a great way to turn your house into a truly rustic home.

Throughout your home you will find a number of spots that could use a touch up if you’re going to install new wood siding, and that doesn’t always mean performing mass replacements. Sometimes you can disguise items, and most importantly, make sure you finish up with some trim or crown molding. Our log home accessories are custom made to fit your home and will bring you the maximum enjoyment you deserve. Whether you need rustic look wood trim or perhaps rough wood trim, we’re here to provide you with the tailored solutions you need. What’s more, we’ll deliver it right to your front door when you’re ready. As they say, it’s time for a change, and we’re ready to provide it. Give us a call today so we can get started with your measurements and determining what steps you’ll need to take.