If your idea of relaxation and romance includes cuddling on the couch in front of a roaring fire, while listening to the sounds of nature outside your home, rustic décor may just be the perfect look for your home. And, if you are going to create a rustic look, take it to the limit with Cedar Log Siding.

Choosing cedar log siding for your home is a simple, easy way to add a touch of nature to your home in a snap. The best part about purchasing rustic cedar siding from The Woodworkers Shoppe is that the panels are very easy to install. This means completing your new interior is a snap, literally. The tongue and groove paneling allows you to snap your wall in place and add nails to keep the panels where they belong. There are so many rustic siding options to consider!

Choose the right Cedar Log Cabin color palate

Creating the perfect rustic room requires some skill and planning. Choosing interior pine paneling or rustic cedar siding gives you a nice color palette to work with. The lighter wood will help make the space feel and look larger.

Lighter woods look great with darker furniture. If you install our cedar wood siding, consider a leather sofa or chairs with some brightly colored throw pillows and blankets to add the perfect mixture of color and depth to your room.

Think outside the box

Many people may not consider mixing materials, but when you choose the best cedar log siding company available, you can rest assured that the quality and color of your panels will provide maximum flexibility. Consider adding a stone fireplace to build on the rustic touch or adding metal sconces to add a modern twist.

Cedar Log Cabin Siding

Look at the bigger picture

When designing your space, consider what the whole room looks like. Choose one feature to emphasize and choose colors, fabrics and furniture that will compliment that one feature. For example, put a beautiful mirror on the walls you’ve decorated with our rustic cedar siding to draw attention to the wood and use complimentary colors and furniture designs to your stain of choice to pull the entire room together.

While individual elements may catch your eye when you are shopping for pieces, make sure each piece works harmoniously for the best design aesthetic. If this redesign is a major move, it may be wise to carry photos of your interior space and other major pieces as you shop. This will make it easier to choose the right items for your rustic siding.

Choose the best Cedar Log Cabin Siding materials

If you want the best rustic view, you need to find the best place to install cedar log siding. These panels will be the centerpiece of your rustic design. Low-quality work will not do. The best rustic siding creates the least amount of waste and provides a high quality, beautiful interior. While there are many home cedar log siding companies available, choose wisely so you can rest assured that your investment in our rustic siding will last a long time.

Lastly, You have the option to purchase prefinished material or stain your own wood. Make sure you choose your prefinished cedar siding in a color you like and a style you can live with for a long time, because our rustic cedar siding is durable.