The 7 Best Caulking and Chinking Products for Your Log Home

Log homeowners should apply caulking and chinking everywhere it is needed in new and existing structures. It’s a big mistake to neglect their importance, durability, and quality. Both products come in a variety of materials and colors to meet your log home’s needs. You’ll soon understand their importance and should review the best products available today. Continue reading to see the top 7 caulking and chinking products for your log home.

Caulking and Chinking Provide Protection for Log Houses

Perma-ChinkCaulking and chinking are vital to stop air leaks, protect from insects, prevent wood decay, and ensure your log cabin lasts. The significant difference between these two products is texture and elasticity. Caulking is typically more elastic and has light or no texture and works great in small joints and openings.

Chinking both seals joints between logs for weather protection and acts as a decorative touch. It can be used on both the interior and exterior walls of your log structure. TIP: Your chinking must be chemically compatible with your stain, sealer, clear coat, or other preservative products to prevent problems. It’s a good idea to use products made by the same manufacturer. Today’s chinking products are typically acrylic-based for best results. You will appreciate all of caulking’s benefits on any project you undertake.

Apply chinking so it slants away from the logs from top to bottom to allow water to run off. If you don’t do this, water can stand on top of logs and begin the rotting process.

Conceal Textured Caulk for Wood Is Virtually Undetectable

This light texture caulk looks just like the natural roughness of pine and cedar woods. It is easy to use but hard to see because its 7 colors blend in with most favorite stains used on log cabins and log homes.
Log Chinking Caulk - Conceal

  • Brown Tone/Golden Mesa
  • Frontier Gold
  • Gold tone/Warm Honey
  • Grizzly Brown
  • Harvest Wheat
  • RedTone/Canyon Wall
  • Redwood/ Santa Fe Trail

Conceal is an outstanding caulking product that outperforms all other brands of textured caulks on today’s market. There are several options to meet your log house needs, including:

  • 5-ounce single tubes
  • 20-ounce single tubes
  • 5-gallon pails

Conceal is also available in Weathered Gray and all are priced for any home budget.

Log Builder Provides an Effective Seal Against the Elements

Log Builder CaulkingLog Builder was created to absorb all log siding movements due to any shrinking, swelling, extreme weather, or foundation settling.

Here’s what this amazing product will do for your log siding, doors, windows, eaves, and more:

  • Maintains an effective seal for an extended time
  • Stretches and compress to original joint size
  • Won’t crack or pull away from the wood
  • Keeps out water, dust, wind, and extreme weather
  • Comes in 3 water-based colors
  • Available in 10.5 and 29-ounce tubes and 5-gallon pails.

Log Jam Is a Premier Chinking Product

Log Jam holds its seal against nature’s rain, wind, sleet, snow, and sun. Your log cabin, log home, or business will be comfortable because this product keeps the weather out all year-round. Its elastic properties handle joint movements in joints up to 4: wide. It will not peel away, tear, or crack on your logs. It comes in 6 attractive colors to meet your home’s décor and 3 container sizes.

“Caulking and chinking are vital to stop air leaks, protect from insects, prevent wood decay, and ensure your log cabin lasts.”

Perma-Chink Is an International Favorite

Perma-chink ChinkingPerma-Chink is the most widely used chinking product in the world today. It’s been around for nearly 40 years and the market has shown it is the best chinking product by every construction measure.

It provides ease of application, exceptional performance, appearance, and longevity. It is available in 8 colors and 3 container sizes.


Energy Seal Is Made Specifically for Log Homes

Energy Seal For Log HomesEnergy Seal is a textured log caulk that works great for any place on log siding structures such as in butt-joints, trim, corners, and between logs. One application makes a weather-tight seal because it adheres and stretches better than most other products.

It is textured and colored to match your log cabin. Assorted colors and container sizes are available to meet your preferences.


Check Mate 2 Is a Powerful Log Check Sealant

Log SealantCheck Mate 2 prevents air and water infiltration through cracks (called checks) in log siding. Use this product instead of caulking because it adheres much better and withstands all types of weather better. This amazing product provides the benefits of:

  • Color stability
  • Resists UV rays
  • Repels ozone
  • Resists mold & mildew
  • Resists airborne contaminates

Sealing checks from water damage will prevent rotting and other moisture issues. A variety of colors and sizes are available for your convenience.

Woodsman Caulk Is a Useful and All-around Log Home Sealant

Caulk Log Home SealantIf your project needs a high-performance, elastic sealant for general purpose use, Woodsman caulk will meet your needs. It is UV resistant, watertight, and airtight. It adheres well to many surfaces, including wood, glass, masonry, metal, tile, concrete, and marble.

Homeowners and contractors also like it because it has an extended shelf life and cleans up with soap and water. Its colors match almost all stains and it comes in several convenient sizes for easy application. Gain more insight into caulks and sealants in this informative article.

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