Many first-time cabin builders are not aware of available choices of corner systems. There are 4 outstanding ones for any size home or cabin design. Each is distinct and one will appeal to you that will match your choice of cabin layouts. These corner systems go great with cabins built with Pine or Cedar log siding.

All 4 types of these outstanding log cabin corner systems for log siding cabins are affordable and easily installed by a contractor, carpenter, or homeowner with the appropriated skills and tools. Explore all of them in the following paragraphs so you can incorporate one in your plans.

Butt-n-Pass D-Style Corners Are Long-Time Favorites

Butt-n-Pass D-Style Corners

The Butt-n-Pass log corner design is a favorite technique for beginners because it does not require extensive construction skills or woodworking experience. It’s the most logical choice for someone without previous cabin building experience and it requires minimal experience. The logs are typically flat on one side and D-style (rounded) on the other side.

This method uses tightly-pinned corners to join the logs together without any notching. Each log is stacked on top of each other at right angles and then pinned or screwed together for a solid fit and joint. The advantages of this corner system include:

  • The construction is less expensive compared to notching and scribing techniques. The speed of construction further reduces the building cost.
  • Homeowners with essential skills and tools can install their own corners and log siding and this reduces barriers to cabin building.
  • The corners can be installed without the assistance or support of additional equipment or a crane.

Double-D Siding Corners Look Amazing

4 Outstanding Corner Systems

Double-D Siding Corners

Butt & Pass Double-D Siding corners are essentially the same as D-Style except that both sides of the logs are rounded. Both styles are durable and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Double-D corner logs come in 6” and 8” sizes and look realistically superior. Pine and Cedar are generally used for corner systems, while other wood varieties can be used at a greater cost.

Double-D corners have the same advantages of D-style butt-n-pass including less expense, speed of construction compared to notching, ease of installation, and less maintenance.

This style looks a little fancier or authentic with both sides of the logs rounded over instead of one flat side. It’s your choice of styles to meet your preferences and budget. Our team of experts will assist you with ordering the right sizes and amount of materials for your log cabin project

Vertical Log Siding Corners Are Simple to Install

Vertical Log Corner

Straight Vertical Log Siding Corners are the easiest to install and least expensive of the 4 styles. If you want a simple and modestly priced corner system, this is your best choice. They are available for half and quarter log siding to match the size of your cabin’s siding. This style comes in:

  • 6” diameter
  • 8” diameter
  • 8’ lengths
  • 10’ lengths
  • 12’ lengths
  • 16’ lengths (pine only)

Our vertical log siding and other styles of corner systems use the highest quality Pine and Cedar wood that meet or exceed industry standards for wood products. You will receive:

  • Products that are correctly kiln-dried for moisture content and application of stain.
  • Wood that is dimensionally perfect that is hand-inspected and free of defects.
  • Peace of mind knowing the corner systems are durable and require minimal maintenance through the years.
  • The corners will look perfect when cut to the correct lengths and installed properly.

This video shows you how to install vertical corners.

4 Outstanding Corner Systems

Saddle Notch Corner

For an unmistakable full log look, use Saddle Notch Wood Siding Corners to match your siding profile. This traditional style locks the logs securely together to form a solid corner. When cut and installed correctly, these logs for an air-tight seal that prevents these issues:

  • Air leaks – warm and cold
  • Bug and pest infiltration
  • Moisture and the elements

Our mill pre-cuts and notches the logs to make it easy for you to install them. The cabin illustrated here looks simply amazing, rustic, and inviting. It could be yours with our log siding and corner systems that provide that natural look.

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