Log siding is one of the most versatile building materials for log cabins available today. That’s why Log Siding Looks Great! It can be installed on both the exterior and interiors of cabins to provide the full log look without the full log price. Is tongue and groove with end-matching features make for fast and easy installation, less measuring, and less wasted material compared to other types of siding.

If you are still in the planning stages of your cabin, consider the following 3 popular styles of construction. Each has its own advantages and you can choose the one that meets your personal preferences and needs. Any of them can be clad with Pine or Cedar log siding in smooth, hand-hewn (peeled logs), or pre-finished surfaces. Read on to see why exterior and interior log sliding looks great on these 3 cabin styles.

Our log siding is available in convenient widths, thicknesses, profiles, and lengths, including:

Quarter log siding

Quarter Log Siding

This style is the economic log siding solution for the everyday log home. It comes in smooth or hand hewn, 2×6 or 2×8, in knotty pine or cedar.

Half log siding

Half Log Siding

Log siding in Half Log is our most popular log siding style. For those who want a true log home without the full log price, our half log siding is available in smooth or hewn, 3×6 or 3×8 in knotty pine or cedar. 3×7 Cedar is also now available (Custom Order)!

Premier log siding

Premier Log Siding

For the log home enthusiast who wants an upscale look with log siding. Available in hand hewn only, 3×8 or 3×10 Premier Deep D in knotty pine or cedar wood.

Check out our pre-finished log siding for a faster and easier way to complete the exterior and interior of your cabin.

An A-Frame Style of Cabin Is Cool

A-Frame Log Cabin

An A-frame cabin is built with a steep roofline that looks like the letter “A” or a triangle. The roof typically begins at or near the foundation and meets at the center of the top of the cabin. Their main advantages over other styles of log cabins include:

  • A-frames are very durable in heavy snows.
  • The steep-sloping roof reduces heavy snow accumulation.
  • This style works well in hot climates because the heat rises higher than other styles and provides cooler living space on the ground floor.
  • Many A-frame cabins are used as second homes, holiday, or weekend get-aways.
  • They are adaptable and affordable.
  • The ends of the cabins can be fitted with extra-large windows to let more light in and take advantage of extra ordinary views.

Log siding is installed on the fronts and rears of these cabins and on the interior walls. The ceilings show exposed rafters for a rustic appeal. A-frames have less living and wall space compared to other styles of cabins because they have a lot of unusable surface and space. Visit this site for more ideas on building an A-frame cabin.

Ranch Style Cabins Are Traditional

Ranch Style Log Cabin

This ranch-style log cabin looks ideal in its natural setting with its front porch and stone chimney. This type of cabin has these characteristics:

  • More living and wall space than an A-frame style
  • More exposed log siding on all sides for a traditional cabin look
  • They are spread out more than an A-frame and require a larger lot
  • Have less sloping roofs that are easy to install
  • Easier access to windows, trim, and the rooftop

The lack of stairways frees up more space for living areas and is safer for the elderly and children. This style can have windows on all four sides for additional viewing of the landscape. They are built for easy access to the outside from the front and back doors. Log siding in any style and width looks great on ranch-style cabins.

Two-Story Contemporary Style Cabins and Homes

Contemporary Style Log Cabin

Two-story log cabins and homes are built for large families, owners who like to entertain a lot of friends and family, and full-time living. They are most expensive to construct and are ideal for those who can afford them. This home is an outstanding example of log cabin architecture with our rustic log siding. A two-story style provides these advantages:

  • More living, dining, and sleeping space than A-frames and ranch-style cabins
  • They typically have a two-car garage with storage areas
  • Most two-story homes have basements and attics
  • They are typically more energy-efficient than some styles of homes.
  • They have a lot of window space for outdoor viewing.

Use Log Siding on the Interior of Your Cabin

Interior Walls That Look Amazing

Although some cabin owners use wood paneling or drywall on the interior, log siding provides a complete log look and feel. The extra layer of wood on the wall framing adds more insulation value to each room. Its use on the inside also gives a warm, cozy, and relaxing feeling as soon as you walk in the front door.

If you need help estimating the amount of log siding needed, use our estimate calculator or talk to one of our specialists at (800) 818-9971. We welcome you as our customer and will provide the best products and services possible.

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