Choosing the outside appearance of a log cabin or log home is one of the most crucial decisions in the overall plans. The best mills offer two selections of log siding including smooth surface and hand-hewn surface. Smooth log siding is a favorite in today’s market while hand-hewn gives that traditional look and feel.

Either choice of log surfaces is a winner no matter the size of the home or its location. Many people that live in town or a suburb choose the smooth surface. Hand-hewn especially adapts itself for country and off-grid living. Of course, the choice is yours and it does not need to conform to other people’s tastes. Homeowners should consult with local zoning regulations or homeowners associations before making final plans.

Smooth Surface Log Siding Is Popular

Smooth surface log siding is distinguished from hand-hewn by its consistent shape through its length and a finished look. It is not rough sawn nor does it look like it was worked with an axe or adze. Each piece is precisely milled to fit together snugly to eliminate gaps between them. The tongue and groove with end-matching design is a modern marvel that allows end-butting between wall framing studs.

Of the two choices, smooth surface log siding is less expensive than hand-hewn siding. Both are available in pine and cedar woods in different widths and thicknesses to meet your building needs. Corresponding log trims and corner systems are available that make perfect matches.

Hand-Hewn Log Siding Gives a Traditional look

Hand-hewn log siding gives the appearance of being worked from end-to-end by an axe or adze tool. This method of shaping logs was used instead of sawing them into shape in the old days. Modern milled hand-hewn real wood siding combines that traditional look with effective manufacturing. Everyone thinks this siding was shaped by hand because it looks so realistic.

Like the smooth surface product, hand-hewn has a tongue and groove with the end-matching design. It enjoys the same benefits of ease and speed of installation and uses the same trims and corner systems.

“Choosing the outside appearance of a log cabin or log home is one of the most crucial decisions in the overall plans. The best mills offer two selections including smooth surface and hand-hewn surface.”

Log Siding Profiles for Your Plans

Once you choose between smooth and hand-hewn surface log siding, you will pick a profile for the exterior and interior of the house. A brief explanation of each will help with the decision.

  • A quarter Log is an economic way to build an everyday log home or cabin. It is available in 2×6 and 2×8 knotty pine or cedar in smooth and hand-hewn.
  • Half Log is America’s favorite siding style for a true log home. It is available in 3×6 and 3×8 knotty pine and cedar in smooth and hand-hewn. 3×7 cedar is also ready for you.
  • Premier Log provides an upscale look for any log home or cabin enthusiast. This traditional-looking log product is available hand-hewn only in 3×8 and 3×10 knotty pine and cedar.

Pre-finished Log Siding Is a Practical Option

Pre-finished log siding is a product many people have not heard of but is a great idea. It provides numerous benefits you may welcome to save labor, time, and cleanup.

  • You will not experience delays with the weather or scheduling a painter
  • There is no time spent staining or applying a top clear coat of finish
  • The siding surface is a professional job with no sags, runs, or thin spots
  • Our finish is applied to all edges, ends, tongues, and grooves that provide a total seal
  • The finishing products used are the highest quality made by today’s manufacturers

Pre-finished log siding makes completing your log home or cabin more of a pleasure. Check with your supplier to see if it is seasonally available or currently available.

Log Siding Benefits Over Full Log Construction

Simply put, using log siding instead of full logs makes construction go much faster, easier, safer, and far less costly. There are other benefits you will appreciate, including:

  • Each piece is kiln-dried to the correct moisture content to keep it dimensionally stable and better prepared for staining, sealing, and finishing.
  • All siding is hand-inspected to provide you with defect-free products.
  • Amateur carpenters with woodworking experience can install it.
  • It can be installed in virtually any weather condition.
  • You do not need a crane or crane operator to hoist the siding.
  • The corresponding log trims and corner logs are easy to install.

Go ahead and make your day by ordering pine or cedar log siding for your home or cabin build. Do not forget any trims, corners, log beams, trusses, paneling, and pine flooring you may need.

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