Log siding homes can be both simple and luxurious layouts with more options than full-log homes. From a basic cottage-style house to a multi-level mansion, log siding makes houses more affordable and versatile in their style choices. It is easier to create more corners, ells, and levels with siding, and it costs a lot less than building with full logs.

Both traditional and custom-made log siding homes are available to meet anyone’s needs:

  • Traditional and Rustic Styles
  • Virtually Any Size Log House
  • Ranch Styles
  • Mountain Lodges
  • A-Frame
  • Luxury/Modern

You may have other styles in mind, but the following have been favorites over the years.

Size Can Determine Style in Log Siding Home Plans

The size log home you plan to build has a direct bearing on two factors: its layout and budget.

Larger size dwellings can have a spacious ground floor only or various size ground, second, or third-floor layouts. In general, the larger the size the more floor plan options are available. Larger rooms provide a lot of creativity in décor selections.

Of course, your budget places constraints on the size and style of any log home. A secret that many people do not know about is using log siding instead of full logs. You can still build that large and luxurious structure by using the savings from log siding.

One or Two Floors in Your Log Siding Home Plans 

Either one or two-level log homes can be simple and luxurious. There are some factors to consider with others who will live there when making this decision.

  • The size and budget as we have discussed
  • Separating sleeping areas from living areas
  • Will stairways be a problem?
  • Do you want one or two guest rooms?
  • Do you want second-floor views?
  • Heating and cooling will cost more

Most people do not give enough thought to the safety aspect of second floors. It can be more difficult for young children, the elderly, and disabled persons to evacuate if necessary. 

“Log siding homes can be both simple and luxurious layouts with more options than full log homes. From a basic cottage style house to a multi-level mansion, log siding makes houses more versatile in their style choices.”

Do Your Log Siding Home Plans Include a Ranch Style?

When you want a one-floor log siding home, you cannot go wrong with a ranch-style. They are popular in all regions of the U.S. and they blend in with many neighborhoods with these pros.

  • Simpler to design for luxurious living
  • Easier to maintain and clean
  • Larger open living space
  • Easier to navigate through the house
  • Faster evacuation time when necessary

These homes are great for young families and empty-nesters because of their simplicity.

Mountain Lodge Log Siding Home Plans

If you are influenced by living in the mountain west, a mountain lodge home may be right for you. Their décor theme seems to exude characteristics of everything big and robust, such as:

  • Large main rooms
  • Big Beams
  • Large fireplaces
  • Big views
  • Large rocks in yard

These homes provide a lot of space for more luxurious furniture, windows, antiques, displays, and other décor items. Most are custom-made dwellings that express the owner’s tastes.

A-Frame Styles Are Unique

This long-time favorite is available in many floor plan layouts. It does not have to be a tall, skinny, or odd-looking home. Their design is simple yet very adaptable to meet varying needs. When you want more space, build an A-frame similar to the one pictured here. They provide these typical benefits you will enjoy:

  • An open floor plan
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Large scenic windows
  • High ceilings
  • Loft space
  • Affordable

This style generally lets in a lot of natural light with an open floor plan and a sleek design.

Luxury in Log Siding Homes Plans 

Log siding homes can be luxurious and modern-designed structures that are ‘fit for a king.’ Now let us look at building luxurious living into log siding homes. Consider doing these things:

  • Using an exciting floor plan
  • Use high-quality interior building materials
  • Showcase the interior with unified rooms
  • Buy those luxurious furnishings
  • Add custom details that say ‘wow’

A couple of other things you can do is creating a few special spaces and add a few special touches of your own. Don’t forget to create a picturesque landscaping layout. 

There are many more styles of luxurious and simple home plans to explore. Spend enough time planning to make the right decision because you may live in your log siding home for a long time.

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