Log cabins and homes are popping up all over as more people move out of crowded cities and suburbs to the countryside. They want rustic looking homes with a quieter and simpler lifestyle.

The popular wall covering in these homes is tongue-and-groove knotty pine paneling. It’s easy to install, and there is little waste. 

It’s good to know this homey product is making such a surge in cabins and homes. Our tongue-and-groove knotty pine paneling is easy on the eye and provides a comforting feeling. It’s easy to install, maintain and offers lasting quality and beauty. A homeowner with some fundamental skills and tools can easily put it up, stand back, and admire the work.

Some people like the Knotty Pine look because it reminds them of a mountain or woods lodge, a resort, or a state park. Visitors go to these places year after year and fall in love with the interiors and exteriors of these buildings. They go home and wish their homes looked like them. The good news is that you can have that same rustic and beautiful effect in your own home.

There are More Reasons People Use Knotty Pine Paneling

There are More Reasons People Use Knotty Pine PanelingQuality Knotty Pine paneling is affordable for one room, a cabin, or an entire home. You can also use it in basements, recreation rooms, offices, man caves, storage spaces, and outside walls under a roof. Consider these advantages of the tongue and groove knotty pine paneling:

  • It saves labor and is easily installed
  • Can be placed over ductwork, pipes, and wiring
  • It can be installed over a variety of surfaces
  • Install it yourself and save money
  • Knotty Pine is adaptable to virtually any décor
  • Available in smooth/unfinished and pre-finished
  • Leading dealers ship virtually perfect wood
  • Knotty Pine will last the lifetime of the house

This extensive list of advantages is available for your consideration and use. Tip: Buy all of your log cabin and home wood products from a highly rated dealer like The Woodworkers Shoppe. Here you will find quality materials that are correctly kiln dried, hand inspected, and free from defects.

Want to Save a Lot of Time? Install Pre-finished Knotty Pine Paneling

Pre-finished Knotty Pine paneling goes up faster than other products like drywall, reclaimed wood, or old-fashioned boards. There is no staining, taping, painting, or splicing wood on studs. In addition to the ease of our tongue-and-groove knotty pine paneling’s end-matching system, the finishing work is already done for you. Here’s why the Woodworkers Shoppe’s experts’ finishing work is better than yours:

  • It is applied evenly and consistently with no runs.
  • Their finishing products are superior to a hardware store’s finishes.
  • There are no finishing products for you to purchase.
  • You don’t need to clean up the painting supplies and mess.
  • There will be no unpleasant odors in the rooms.
  • The finish will have a beautiful sheen and be durable.

Want to Save a Lot of Time? Install Pre-finished Knotty Pine PanelingThese are pre-finished paneling advantages. Let’s talk more about why using tongue and groove boards is the best idea.

Old-fashioned wall boards lack tongue and groove on the sides and ends. They must be end-butted (spliced) on studs. This means cutting pieces that covered one half of each stud. There is little room for nailing. They may not fit flat like tongue and groove boards because they do not lock together.

Another advantage is nails or screws do not show with our tongue-and-groove knotty pine paneling. Use a nail gun to nail each piece at the top for a perfect fit. Using a hammer to install wall boards can result indents, and you will need to putty the holes. Avoid all of this with pre-finished Knotty Pine paneling from a reputable dealer.

Where to Find Knotty Pine Paneling, Trim, and Accessories     

To make your dream come true, use paneling from America’s leading millwork for your log cabin or home. Order worry-free from the WoodWorkers Shoppe in Comins, Michigan. You will get the best service and the highest quality wood products with each order. It won’t be necessary to sort through the paneling and trim when the order arrives. Each piece is hand inspected before it is shipped to provide you with peace of mind.

Where to Find Knotty Pine Paneling, Trim, and Accessories     This trusted millwork supplier has a complete line of other log cabin and log home products including:

  • Many styles of trim and molding
  • Flooring, decking, stairways, and railings
  • Wood doors, mantles, beams, and corner systems
  • Pine and cedar log siding
  • Beam covers and trusses
  • Finishes, caulking, and chinking

Don’t shop anywhere else when you can get quality products with a warranty and the best prices around. Each piece of tongue-and-groove knotty pine paneling will be made with close attention to detail. Get started on your paneling project today.