Big savings on materials and labor, by not having to measure and cut every board to fall on a stud. You measure and cut only once per row. The piece you cut off is the starter piece on the next row. It’s what we call “no-waste”, so there’s no need to purchase extra material for waste. We are and have been the country’s innovator in establishing end-matching log siding and knotty pine paneling to the world’s market.

This is not “Old-School” log siding or paneling that home centers and large lumber outlets carry, which are the typical 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths. Most often their products are lap siding with semi-squared off ends, where face nailing and defecting (cutting/squaring up the ends, cutting out loose knots, cracks and warps) are required on the job, which leads to wasted material, labor and higher costs! Each board must be cut to fall half way on a 16″ or 24″ center stud, where once again extra cutting and more nailing are required. Not so!….with our end-matched products!