Your new log cabin will look its finest when you use the best Knotty Pine Paneling available. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for cost when you can obtain great looking paneling at affordable prices. The best grade of paneling provides these significant benefits:

  • Tongue and groove with end-matching features.
  • The paneling is made from select pine or cedar trees.
  • It is correctly kiln dried to the proper moisture content.
  • All pieces are free of defects found in inferior boards
  • There will be no cupped, bowed, or warped panels.

High-quality wood paneling will be flat with a smooth-as-a-babies-bottom surface to reduce the time you need to spend on getting them ready for installation. Pieces look rustic and beautiful and like they belong in a log cabin.

Choose the Best Knotty Pine Paneling for Your Cabin

Our knotty pine tongue and groove paneling is manually inspected, piece by piece, by technicians at the millwork. Tongue and groove (T&G) boards do not require end butting on studs like old-fashioned boards. The end joints are so strong they lock together anywhere between the studs. Instead of buying 12’, 14’ or 16’ boards without T&G features, order convenient lengths in random 8’ lengths.

All these features save time and reduce waste. Specifically, the advanced features of T&G significantly reduce the amount of measuring and cutting on each project. You can save up to 20% on labor and realize up to 20% less material waste with this type of paneling and installation is fast and easy. You won’t find all these benefits in paneling at your local hardware or home improvement stores.

Applications of Knotty Pine Paneling in Your Cabin

Knotty pine tongue and groove paneling is typically installed horizontally on interior walls starting from the floor and finishing at the ceiling. However, other applications also look fantastic and can be incorporated into your building plans such as:

  • Using high-quality wood paneling for wainscoting in any room.
  • Installing the beadboard variety of paneling.
  • Putting it on the ceiling in any room.
  • Installing paneling vertically, diagonally, or in a unique pattern.
  • Trying barn board paneling for variety.
  • Using it on the exterior of your home, under a covered porch.
  • After installation, add the matching trim and molding for a finished look.

Do You Prefer Unfinished or Pre-Finished Paneling

Do You Prefer Unfinished or Pre-Finished Paneling?

High-quality Knotty Pine tongue and groove paneling is available in unfinished or pre-finished boards. The choice depends on your completion schedule and whether you like to apply stains and varnishes. Unfinished boards are less expensive but require more preparation time as they need specialized finishing materials and a place to apply them.

Pre-finished knotty pine tongue and groove paneling, pictured here, is expertly completed and machine applied under controlled conditions. The technicians apply the finish without runs, sags, or dust on the surface. Each board is perfect. All you need to do is install each piece, and you’re done! There’s no fuss or mess to clean up at your job site.

Where to Buy High-Quality Knotty Pine Paneling

Our high-quality knotty pine tongue and groove paneling is a superior product to other brands found on the market. With it, you avoid the issues found in lower-quality paneling. Order from our extensive line of log cabin wood products and enjoy their benefits. The WoodWorkers Shoppe stocks paneling with these specifications for your convenience:

  • Each panel is a full ¾” thick
  • Comes in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” widths
  • Unfinished or pre-finished
  • Available in various user-friendly lengths
  • Offered in a wide range of color stains

Cedar paneling is also available in similar sizes. Don’t forget to order matching trim and molding for use around doors, windows, ceilings, wainscoting, and corners.

Order a Sample Box to See Our Products Before Buying

If you have not yet finalized building plans, order a sample box of wood products to help with your decisions. For just $15.00 you will get the following:

Where to Buy High-Quality Knotty Pine Paneling

  • Color catalog, DVD, brochure, and pricing guide
  • Half log siding samples
  • T&G paneling samples 
  • Pine siding samples
  • Cedar siding samples
  • LogD-trim, flooring, and decking
  • Baseboard and casing pieces

You will see the real thing with this sample box. Order yours today, and the cost is fully refundable with your first order!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am at the quality of the pine paneling I ordered from you. I’m halfway through the installation, and it looks great. Never have I bought such an expensive order over the internet before, and I must admit I was apprehensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the quality and price both were better than I could obtain locally. Your knowledge of the product and advice was also reassuring. Once again, thanks for your help.”
(A customer from New Hampshire)

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